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What did he mean when he said "let's forget we ever met"?

There's this guy who has liked me since I met him. I didn't really like him, though. I was neutral about him. He liked me enough that he stood up for me. This "thing" named TJ was constantly telling everyone that I was a whore. Austin went and told her that she needed to leave me alone, and she kicked him in his balls. He said the pain didn't matter to him. I thought it was a nice thing for him to do, but I never really thought that much about him.

When I broke up with my cheating boyfriend he told me that he loved me, and I thought that he was kind of sweet, so I gave him my number. We were texting, and every once in a while he would remind me how much he loved me, and he said that he would be fine with me not dating him because he wanted me to be happy. So, I started dating (the greatest boyfriend I've ever had) Kyle and I started ignoring Austin. I stopped talking to him, and I didn't respond to his text messages. I thought he would get the hint that I didn't like him.

Today he texted me saying, "Why didn't you just tell me you didn't like me? I would've been able to get on with my life a lot sooner." I told him that me dating Kyle was me telling him that I didn't like him. He said "You know me. I'm an idiot. I don't pick up on these things." I said I was sorry he didn't get the memo. He responded a little later "It's cool. I'm a happier idiot knowing I can finally get on with my life. Let's just forget we ever met."

Does he not love me anymore? Why would he say "let's just forget we ever met"? He isn't a bad guy, but I don't understand why he would say that.I liked knowing that he loved me. I'm not sure if he does anymore, and for some reason I feel kind of sad.

I really want an honest answer. Please?

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    You have treated him extremely insensitively, I would go as far as to say badly, and he has, at long last, come to his senses.

    During the whole time that he was hovering in the background, waiting for you to notice him, he deluded himself into thinking that you would eventually realize that you loved him as much as he loved you.

    It would have been far kinder, and more honest of you, to simply tell him that you have a new boyfriend and that you could not imagine yourself ever going out with him. Ignoring him, not answering his texts and not even talking to him is NOT a way to treat someone who has never been anything but a good friend to you.

    I doubt very much if he still loves you. Even if he does, he now has enough sense to see that you are not worth it. You have not only lost a potentially loyal and loving partner, you have also lost a true friend.

    I don't know about you, but I value my friends. I don't have very many friends but those that I do have have always been there for me when I needed them and know that they can rely on me to do anything in my power to help them. I would never dream of treating a friend, or even an acquaintance, the way you have treated Austin.

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    First of all, why do you care if he loves you anymore? Didn't you say that you were neutral towards him>> Didn't you say that you have the greatest boyfriend you've ever had?? I can see why this guy is so are sending him conflicting messages..first you're neutral, then you're afraid you're losing him..What's up with you?? If you don't want the guy, give him a break and let him go..quit dragging his heart around..Let him get on with his life..leave him alone..and be with the greated boyfriend you've ever had!

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    Are you serious?

    You can't treat someone like garbage and then expect them to keep throwing affection your way. If you're not into them just tell them you want to be friends, people don't always pick up the hints and if they don't back down it's better to talk to them calmly and make sure you both understand where you're at.

    Anyways, he probably is really hurt by your actions and just wants to forget that you met or he may need some time and space to get over it. People may be attracted to you or love you but if you do things it can change their perception of you and therefore affect how they feel about you. He may still like you but *honestly* (wanted honesty right?) he is gearing up to move on, no point in continually putting ones hands to the proverbial fire.

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    I was ready to 'understand' until this...

    ".I liked knowing that he loved me."..... so it was okay with you that he loved and wanted and needed and desired you while you , selfishly, just went on with your life without so much as the kindness of tellling the man that you weren't interested in him 'that way'.... you just wanted a puppy to wag his tail whenever you were around, begging and happy for any little bit of bone you threw him?.... you're the worst type of woman..... I'm glad he sees the light and is deserve to 'feel sad'... a LOT.....

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    He still loves you, but understands that you don't feel the same way. Sounds like he doesn't feel like he could be friends with you, which is a common response.

    You haven't done anything wrong, he will get over it :)

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    "let's just forget we ever met" dosn't mean he dosn't like(love) you. He's just angry and hurt that you didn't just straight up tell him that you didn't like him, instead you did it w/o using words (i.e. dating sum other guy, not responding to txt msgs). He regrets ever meeting you because he feels like he'll never have a chance with you & because he feels like he got "played" in a way.

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    it simply means that, Whenever your path have cross again, you're both a stranger to each other.....

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    ****** wow! you are an idiot! please leave this poor guy alone.

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