Britain VS Argentina-2025, Britain losses!?

This is my prediction of the worst case scenario.

This is why?

The defence budget is cut and continues to be underfunded till the time in question. By this time the aircraft carriers are retired and harriers are now obsolete. They have not been replaced. Furthermore our amphibious forces are completely inadequate, and our naval forces are tiny. All of this as a result of poor defence spending.

2025=So Argentina conquers the Falklands and inturns them, it is now the Malvina's. What does Britain do?

We have no aircraft carriers, no vulcan bombers, euro-fighters need somewhere to land, refuel and re-arm (they can't be used for the falklands) so we have no form of air attack. Without this, launching an amphibious assault would be suicidal.

so what do we do? Surrender? or fight a battle we can't win?

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    You ask the U.S. to come down with their badass USMC and Army, to come down and rape the **** out of the Argentina people in your country.

    Source(s): M1A3 MBT + USMC + M16A4, AT6, Mk. 19 AGL, M249 5.56 SAW/M240 G 7.62mm SAW + M3 Bradly APC= RAPE UR FACE!!!
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    We have air craft carriers now & BAE is currently building two more - the most advanced air craft carriers in the WORLD, not to mention the F36's that will be guarding them. So your wrong there.

    We recovered entirely from two world wars, you think a recession is a big deal? Ha! Oh, & the last time we trounced the Argies we did it during a massive recession which saw our industry collapse. A recession that dwarfs the current one in all manners.

    We've beaten: the Argies, the Germans, the French, the Italians, the Spanish, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Americans, the Mughal's & the Martha's (India), the Ottomans, the Dutch, the Swedish, the Danish, the Vikings & the Romans.

    We captured the Holy Land during the Third Crusade (after all the other European powers failed).

    We colonised America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand & boasted the largest empire in human history.

    Did we do all that during economic peaks? No. This country has not been successfully invaded in the last 1000 years despite men like Hitler & Bonaparte attempting to do so... You think 10 measily years from now we won't be able to flatten the Argies? Yeah, right!


    You shouldn't be posting your predictions on Yahoo Answers - you should be permanently employed by the government as the Prime Minister's special advisor on all things defence-related.


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    mate what you talking about,britain has the best army in the WORLD

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