Fifa Q: When you watch defensive-style football, does it make you smarter?

Attacking football, it's great, I like watching, it's fun and fast. I really like teams like Arsenal and Barcelona, who absolutely know what to do when they have a 5 man attack, btw Arsenal congrats for coming back from 2 down! It's always a joy to watch Barcelona slaughter another team. I wouldn't say Barcelona are all-offense, it's more like all-possesion since they're so good. Other teams that attacks with full force are the La Liga giants like Valencia, Sevilla, or Atletico. They play pretty good, too.

I know it's extremely hard to make pinpoint passes consistently, I think that probably one of the hardest things to do in football, pass well, because there are so many failed chances that are a whisker away from goal sometimes.

But the point being do you defend such an attack? It's not playing 4 guys on Messi or 11 men in the's pure defensive football. I think there is difference watching the two: one where you can watch the attack play, they score a few goals and they're up a few goals, but you can leave the TV. Where the other type (defensive), you need to watch the entire game to fully understand.

Let's face it, attacking is far easier than defending. Defense even takes more precision than attack, you need to be able to throw yourself to the ball yet not getting penalized for doing(aka a handball or a harsh tackle). And how do can you quickly read an attack when they're cornering you from every angle. To me, there is much much much more pressure for a team to defend than to attack.

Another difference is that you can go to youtube, type in a good attacking goal, and it's there. Even amazing chances that do make it into the back of the net are there on youtube. However, you probably won't find many times where the defence successfly clears out a ball or when Puyol makes an extraordinary tackle that saves an attack.

Here's a real life example: When Barcelona played Inter Milan on their first CL game of the 09-10 season, I couldn't watch the whole game because I was at school. So when I got home and I live streamed it, I knew what Barcelona's stratgey was in an instant when they had the ball, to ATTACK!!! Now Inter, I needed a few moments to see what they're doing, because Mourinho is more suited to attack than defence. But I got: Inter would let Barcelona get comfortable around the box, they'd let them go in and when someone like Dani Alves or Iniesta crosses it, they'd suddenly pull the midfielders like Muntari or Motta into the box to clear it out. Genius!!! That's why Barcelona didn't score a goal.

So the other point I want to make is that the Barcelona fans or any fan of a team that plays with more attack (La Liga) should give lots of respect to defensive teams, because how do you stop Barcelona and all their great players from getting a goal in the first place. Does this mean I'm going to stop supporting Barcelona and "Argentina" and start supporting a team like Milan or Italy that play with super-defense (or Germany, they have an Über-defence)? No, of course not. Barcelona is my first team and they will be my last. But I really find it annoying when other Barcelona fans rant on this style of footy just because they couldn't score on them :)

So this might be extremely pointless to some of you, but I just wanted to get this off my chest.


@Dubya: No, you're missing the whole point. Not once I mentioned CHELSEA. I even pointed out defensive football is not 11 men in one box like Chelsea was. You always say this stuff and you really don't get it. It was an aggregate, so Chelsea did what they needed to do at Camp Nou: pressure Barcelona by not letting them score at Camp Nou and they will have to score at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea's tactis were cheakp but they just wanted to work, and how was Essien's volley lucky? Iniesta's goal was more lucky than Essien's, no offense.

Dude, Sevilla didn't play Barcelona off the park. Barcelona had Milito and Chygrynskiy at centre backs, both not good centre backs, Sevilla is going to score. If attacking football is the key to beat Barcelona then how come no one in La Liga beat them yet.

You're missing the point, I never brought up Chelsea, I'm talking about real defence like Serie A, apparently a ghost league to most users around here.

Update 2:

I also don't like it when Barcelona fans say "Oh you don't attack, wahh, play like a man, wahh". It's their tactics, leave them alone, you don't see anyone saying "Barcelona presses too much, stop attacking!"

Inter...that was good tactics in both legs, except Barcelona is far better than them, plus the motivation that they almost couldn't make the next round because Rubin Kazan beat them at Camp Nou and drawed at home.

The point in this Q was to actually respect the defensive football, something that is almost a sin to talk about here. Milan and Juve in 2003 would have been another great example, and I hope you didn't take a nap through that match.

The other point that football is the most beautiful thing to watch, and defensive actually have to watch the entire game to see who wins, you can go on youtube and see Barcelona's goals/chances and they are there.

So before you say a rude comment like GT(fudge)OH to Chelsea, actualy read the question first.

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    You are missing the point when I laugh at Chelsea & Inter "defensive schemes".

    All every Barça fan heard last year was "you guys haven't played anyone", "wait until you play an EPL team and you'll be exposed." We play Chelsea and BOOM! They park the bus. That was no defense and they won't admit it. They played EVERYONE on the side of their field and hope Barcelona didn't score more than 1 or 2 goals. And their tackles were vicious which show how much better we were.

    Than you get the second leg and they get a lead on a lucky goal. But instead of trying to bury us, they go ahead and park it again. Then they complain about some PHANTOM penalties and how UEFA, FIFA and the rest of the world is again Chelsea and the EPL. GTFOH!!!

    This year Inter was talking all this crap and they came out shooting in the first half but once they saw they couldn't break us down, BOOM! They dropped the bus... And look what happened at the Camp Nou, not EVEN close...

    Now there's a different between playing defense and parking the bus. A team with players almost worth £1 billion like Chelsea SHOULD NOT be parking the bus in the CL Semi-finals. I don't buy that BS that you need to play overly defensive football to stop Barça. Sevilla just beat us at home by playing ATTACKING football. Sure we didn't play with our strongest lineup but it doesn't matter, they won, we lost and they didn't drop the bus.

    Now if you want to watch a real defensive battle, watch the 2003 CL Final... Juventus vs Milan and how they battle like it was a chess match. People say it was a boring match but that's what happens when you have a true defensive battle...

    Source(s): EDIT: People who know football respect defensive tactical football. BUT no one respects "parking the bus" tactics...EDIT: No one here has an issue with defensive football BUT we all hate teams who park the bus. IDK where you got the idea that people hate defense. People HATE teams who are unwilling to play up and depend on just mistakes. You HAVE to make your chances and then take them. Chelsea, Inter, Rubin, Dynamo & Almeria decided to play with 11 men in their own side, that's what people dislike... Football is about winning but it is also an entertainment. If you just going out there to play in your half and do nothing but kick the ball out, then you SUCK and that's NOT defense...
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think soccer better than football

    and more fun

    It only see the games of big teams from England, Spain or Italy play





    manchester city




    Real madrid


    and others

    Source(s): Barcelona is the best!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, it just makes me tired. That's why I don't watch a lot of Serie A.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its extremely boring, but since I' am defender, i watch it occasionally -_-

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you got it off ur chest :)

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