Do I replace my bathtub, refinish it, or put a liner over it? Also do I just put new tiles or shower walls?

Hi and thank you for reading this. I bought a house recently and the bathroom was set up for taking baths not showers. Well as time has been going on and I have been taking showers the tiles on the walls around the tub have been falling off few at a time and exposing the wall underneath. They are plastic tiles which I don't care for anyway and was planning to remove. But I wasn't expecting it to happen this way. The tub is old and pink but otherwise in ok shape. I'm trying to decide whether to replace it or redo it or recover it or...? What would be the better way to go and why? Also if I did replace it what style tub should I go with? Some say steel and others say fiberglass. Another thing I was wondering is about the walls around the tub. Like I said it has plastic tiles now. What I was thinking about going with was a three piece shower wall setup. I was told that I should just put new tiles up but I don't want the same thing to happen again. What would you suggest. Also keep in mind I would like to do whatever would help add value to the house if possible. I also have a very limited budget of around $1000 all inclusive (tub, walls, faucet setup, drain, caulk, glue, some tools, and whatever else i may need). I know that is not much but it's what I got to work with. Thanks again and hope someone can help me out.

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    $1000 isn't enough to do any of that

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    Pull that pink elephant out..Redo the plumbing, Put wonder board up and then address the tub..If it is an all Porcelain have it repainted at an auto body. Don't repaint it yourself. Don't call the guy in. Bring it to the auto body and you will get an expert hard finish. When you have the tub back in, tile. Tile not only adds value but lasts forever if done right.

    Pick a neutral tile if you are short on funds put tile board over the wonder board temporarily.

    Tub/shower setups you need at least 1 in a house. Future owners have to bathe babies. I love a long soak.. nothing is more relaxing then bubbles and candles and good music.

    Wonderboard goes under alot of names Durorock is another name. Basically they are cement sheets.

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    TILE! Tile is much better all the way around, unless you break it later on. Tile requires more time, money, and SKILLED labor to install properly. The liner is the cheap, anyone-can-do-it (almost), slap it together type of fix/replacement. Your husband wants the liner because it will be cheaper. The liners ALWAYS leak a little after a while, if it is more than one piece. You need someone that really knows what they are doing to install tile so that it will look good and so it will not have any leaks,etc. That and a little more money are the only cons of tile over a liner.

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    If the tub is ok for you then just tear off the tiles and the drywall it is attached to. Check the insulation on the wall and replace if necessary. You can use faced batting or unfaced and 15lb roofing felt stapled to the studs. Mark the location of all the studs and place 1/2' hardi backerboard on all the walls around the tub. Tape the seams with modified thinset and the special fiberglass tape for cement board. Now you can tile. Leave 1/4" gap between the tiles and edge of tub for silicone caulk and caulk corner edges. If you get ceramic tiles you can cut with a manual tile cutter and nippers.

    I invested in a wet saw with a diamond blade.

    I have used this for several projects for many years and it's still going strong.

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    i remodel homes in la. i would remove the tub and install an americasrt tub the princeton runs about $293.00 depending on how old the faucet assy is i would recommend replacing it. then remove the plastic tile and wall board and replace it with hardie board it is water proof and not expensive , then install tile it will not fall off as your others ones have.tile is not expensive if you price shop at home depot or lowes if you have one of them close buy. i hope this helps , and if you have any other questions email me at

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