how do you apply a earthquake load to a simple structure for computer analysis of an earthquake.?

what software would be the best for this and what direction and how would the load be applied.


The question is what direction is best to use for the siesmic force. Horizontal or vertical and why

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The applicable building code will define how to equate the seismic activity to a static force to be applied at discrete locations on the structure. The magnitude of the force depends on how close the structure is to active seismic faults and the soil conditions onto which the building is founded. Additionally, the ability of the structure itself to absorb and transmit the forces down to the foundation and into the earth. For example, is the structure made of wood, steel, concrete, or a combination thereof? What kind of roof? Does the roof and/or floors constructed as rigid or flexible diaphragm? The seismic forces can be up and down, and in any horizontal direction.

    There are many commercially available software programs that will analyze the structure once the loads have been determined by the engineer such as RISA 2d, RISA 3d, STAAD, ETABS, etc. These programs are expensive and should be used by qualified structural engineers.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Source(s): registered professional structural engineer in AZ
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