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Im So disappointed :S :S :S /?

We have recently got our Gcses maths results back. Ive always been in the top set except for this year when ive been put in set 2. I got a D .They have know put me in set 3. That means i will have to do the foundation paper but if i am allowed to do the higher theres no point because i need to get a b. In this set there only teaching you how to get a C. Should i get a tutor? I hate my head teacher for making us do our Gcses this year rather than the following two years like we would traditionally do . I revised so hard for it aswell and when i opened the papers i couldnt answer anything. I seriously just wanna kill myself now !! ive got more exams that im just gonna stress about,revise hard and then fail . Whats the point :S How am i going to do any of the other maths papers without failing them. Does anyone know any good revision sites ??

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    It's better than what I got!!! Honestly, you sound clever. It looks like your doing GCSE Statistics, which gives you the 2 GCSE's at end of year eleven. My nephew is currently doing that, and he discovered this wondeful program called 'MathsWatch'. It's literally a woman filming herself with a white board explaining all the different things you need for a certain grade, and explaining them to you. Here she is doing rotations

    That should help you alot. :)

    If the worst comes to the worst and you end up doing the lower tier paper, and get a C, most school sixth forms allow you to retake GCSE papers (higher or lower tier - your choice) if you ask them. My local school does. Obviously that depends on whether or not you want to go to sixth form. I understand that many schools have after school classes for those wanting a GCSE in maths aswell? Just look around, you'll find something.

    Best of luck :) :)

    Source(s): Nephew, own personal experience with maths :O
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    First of all calm down lol. Dont worry about the stress of all the exams, we all had to go through it and most of the time people end up doing better than they expected. I really struggled with maths too. I ended up with a C overall when i was aiming for a B aswell. If you get the opportunity, go for the higher paper because even if you don't get your B you can still get a C. Try talking to your teacher about the situation to see if you can move up. If that doesnt work, then our school set up lessons at lunch time to aim for a higher grade, maybe you can be taught B level things their. If your school doesnt offer this, and it is really important to you to get that higher grade, then yes go for a tutor.

    Source(s): For help with maths BBC bitesize is good- so is this website-
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