What are the differences between sheep, lamb, goat, ram and mutton?

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    Sheep are usually, but not always a wool bearing animal (some sheep only have hair, not wool). They are of the genus, Ovis. Sheep are usually raised for wool and meat. A very few are also raised for their milk, to make specialty cheeses. You can think of the word "sheep," kind of like the word "people." A group of "people" can be made up of men, women, children, boys, girls, ect.

    Lamb is a baby sheep of either sex. Think of the word "lamb" like the word "child." A youngster of either sex.

    Ram is an intact (still has testicals) male sheep, used for breeding.

    Ewe is an adult female sheep.

    Goat is a memeber of genus, Capra. Think of the word "goat," like the word "people." Goats are usually raised for milk, dairy goats, often for meat, and also for fiber. Goats do NOT have wool, they have hair. The Angora goat is the main fiber goat, with their hair being called "mohair."

    Doe is a female goat

    Buck is an intact (still has testicals) male goat

    Kid is a baby goat of either sex

    Goats and sheep are closely related. They are both of the subfamily, Caprinae. The easiest way to tell a sheep from a goat is by their tails. In goats their tails point up toward the sky. In sheep, they hang down, pointed at the ground.

    Mutton is the meat (flesh) of an adult sheep. Mutton is eaten by some people. It's very strong in flavor. Most people prefer to eat lamb meat.

    Also, because you may hear the term, "wether" is a castrated (no testicals) male sheep, or goat. Both are properly refered to as "wethers." The word is pronouced the same as weather.


    Permaulture homesteading/farming over 20 years

    Raising meat goats and sheep since 1999 (currently over 100 goats in my herd, and 13 sheep)

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    A sheep and a goat are two different animals. A lamb is a baby sheep. A ram is a male sheep. And mutton is the meat from a sheep.

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    Lamb is a woolly 1 1/2 to 2 year old sheep, mutton is an older sheep up to 5 years old. The older the meat the stronger flavor and tougher texture it will be.

    Goats grow thick long hair and horns. About the age of lamb, stronger flavor and tougher texture.

    Never had ram, but I am sure it would be like goat or mutton.

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    SHEEP: Lamb is a baby sheep, ram is a male sheep and mutton is the meat from an old sheep.

    GOAT is an entirely separate species of animal

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    Sheep are the source of mutton. Lambs are baby sheep. Goats are similar but in fact are a different species of animal. A ram is a mature adult male sheep.

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    Sheep is a species. Lamb is the young of sheep, as well as the meat of yearling sheep. A ram is a male sheep. Mutton is the meat of older sheep. Goat is a different species.

    Source(s): I used to live on a farm.
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    Mutton is the same as sheep. Most of us call pig, pork when we are going to eat it.

    Lamb is a young sheep.

    Goat comes from goats, not sheep.

    Ram would be a male sheep, surplus to requirements. You only need one randy ram to provide you with a whole flock of lambs next spring.

    The plural of sheep is sheep. (That's English for you.)

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    Ram Animal

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    lamb,=baby sheep

    ram= adult male sheep

    mutton= a certain piece of meat cut from the sheep.

    Goat =entirely different from the sheep family

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    Sheep is basically plural for lamb. However, in scientific terms a lamb is any meat breed of sheep that is 5 to 7 months of age. Mutton, therefore, is any meat breed of sheep that is older than 7 months. A ram is a male lamb that is still intact... basically meaning that they can breed with the females and produce offspring.

    A goat is a completely different species of animal, but also considered livestock. Actually sheep and goats are not as similar as many people think. Please do not listen or believe anyone that says goat is a type of sheep... they aren't.

    Source(s): animal science major in college and was raised on a farm with sheep.
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    Sheep- A common farm animal used for its wool.

    Lamb- A baby sheep.

    Goat- A common farm animal.

    Ram- A animal similar to a goat.

    Mutton- Meat that comes from sheep.

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