Why are meetings important and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Can anyone tell me why work meetings are important and any advantages and disadvantages of meetings?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Advantages and disadvantages of meetings you should also expand the question to best and worst meetings.

    Meetings are great for people who work best face to face. The advantage of meetings is it allows them to see the progress of what they are doing or what are others are doing in terms of everyday work or projects. Meetings are a great way to explain complex and non-complex ideas and offer a great format to exchange ideas and really think them out. Meetings are a great way to communicate lots of information a short amount of time and create a "game plan for the future ahead.

    The best meeting is one with an agenda and a time frame of how long the meeting will take.

    The disadvantages of meeting they are time consuming and at times tedious. They can become a tool of grandstanding, boasting, and aa format for picking on people. The worst meetings are those where you meet to talk about the next meeting ahead, have no agenda, drag on and nothing productive comes from it.

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