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Aer Lingus A330 vs Delta 767?

Thinking of flying to new york from dublin in the summer and wondering what is a better airline Delta Airlines 767 or Aer Lingus A330

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    According to, Aer Lingus offer 31" pitch on the a330 whilst Delta of 31/31" on their 767's. Both 3* airlines according to Skytrax so pretty similar airlines really so choose whichever

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    Some of Delta's seating is better, you may or may not get an extra inch or two. Delta being an american airline will probably have better slots at the american airports so transfer time may be better. It really depends on what your looking for in an airline.

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    Last May, I flew Aerlingus (round trip) JFK to Dublin. Both ways were very nice flying experiences with one exception. I was warned to bring an extra set of clothes with me due to the fact that the airline seems to lose more than their share of luggage. I had missed my flight from JFK to Dublin due to my connecting flight not arriving on time. My luggage did not make it to Ireland for about 5 days. Also, something to consider is that I have read that Aerlingus was having some financial difficulties.Other than what I have stated, it truly was a nice flying experience

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