why is a condom called a french letter whats the reason?

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    The condom in fact derives from the Roman Empire and was indeed made of sheep gut, but it was not much used (the legion was laid low with herpes when the Goths invaded).

    The French aristocracy used them widely, however, as early as the 17th century. Madame de Sevigne, writing in 1671, dismissed the use of condoms as "armour against enjoyment and a spider's web against danger". Seventy years later, the Venetian adventurer Casanova became its most ardent supporter.

    In Britain the condom was viewed as a dirty Continental fetish, something for harlots or sailors. They remained curious about them, however, and young men taking the Grand Tour (through Europe via France, Italy and Greece to Constantinople and beyond) would, if sending a message home with a returning tourist, enclose a condom... thus a French letter. The culture and culinary clash of the English / French on the Grand Tour also gave rise to the terms "Rostbifs" (English) and "Frogs" (French).

    The French practice of calling them English Coats derives simply from the eternal enmity of these two countries; ever keen to credit each other with things regarded as unpleasant. Ascribing "bad" habits and plagues to your nearest neighbours has always been common in Europe; during the 1917-1920 influenza pandemic the disease was called Spanish Flu in southern France, German Fever in Belgium, Greek Flu in Turkey and Arabian Flu in Greece.

    On the subject of sex consider "buggery" from "bulgary" - what the English considered to be the practice of Bulgars - something the Italians (and today Americans) have long refered to as "Greek". There are also references to "Tartary" - nasty stuff the Tartars (Turks) were thought to get up to. Nothing brings out racial suspicion like sex!

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    French Letters

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    Additionally I might mention that this caused a few problems to French teachers in the days when this term was commonly used; 'Todays lesson is on French letters' - oops!

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    I researched the internet for these answers

    "a condom in French is a capote Anglaise = English overcoat, which adds further confusion."


    "I believe it stems from the fact that they were issued to British soldiers on leave in France during World War One."

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    I believe it stems from the fact that they were issued to British soldiers on leave in France during World War One.

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    Just a guess,

    many french letters have a 'circumflex' above them.

    That could be why, if someone can find something dirty in that....i did.... :-S

    Erm, the french are stereotyped as romantic...?

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    The first contaceptive devices of this type were developed in France. They were made of animal organs - possibly intestine and were later imported into Britain They became known there by their present name. All of this in the early 1800s, I think.

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