My step dad has had heart surgery over 2 years ago and he hasn't felt up to doing anything? help!?

My step dad does nothing but watch T.V. he is addicted to pain killers, he is very depressed in my opinion. I think he feels he has nothing to live for because he can't do much because of his heart, I think he needs to feel needed and a purpose for being, any suggestions of some things he can do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Believe it or not, this situation is actually really serious if it doesnt change. My dad used to race horses for a living and had a back injury which ended his carreer. over the last 13 years, his mediocre marriage turned to terrible, his brain was damaged from meds and he comitted suicide in August. he was so depresses and he started developing schitzophrenia and finally felt like such a failure and burdon that he made the ultimate choice. it is devostating and your step-dad should see a doctor who is concerned with getting him off his meds and getting his natural hormones and chemicals ballanced to help with depression and such. then try to find something for him to get involved with. find someone who he has alot in common with and see if that person would be willing to invest in building a friendship and they can get into a hobby together or go fishing or something. think about what he used to do and try to help him find an interest in something, and most importantly PRAY on his behalf earnestly. If I could turn the clock back, I would do those things now that I know how serious it was and that there really are ways to help. also be sure to let him know how important he is to you and NEEDED

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    4 years ago

    Accidents happen, including relationships breaking. You may have regrets about this relationship, but honestly, the right person probably would have dealt with your parents. It wasn't your fault, it was theirs and you just tried to deal with it. They didn't make your wife cheat. All you can do is focus on your son that's coming and move past it... There is group therapy for adult children of addicts. They can tell you that it's not your fault even if your parents die of their out of control drug use. This is all a lot for you to take and you need to vent to a counselor as your wife doesn't seem supportive at all. In spite of how long you've known her there may be someone better out there. For what it's worth, I feel bad for you, and I understand why you are venting so much. I am hoping everything works out for you in this difficult time.

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    Get him to go back to his doctor or the heart surgeon and discuss what exercise therapy would be helpful in his recovery. Sitting around will not help at all! He may have some limitations, but he'll learn what they are and move on with his life. I'm really surprised they haven't had him doing some therapy already. Good luck!

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