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Telling my parents im depressed?

have you ever told your parents if you were depressed?

if so how did they react? thanks for reading/replying.


btw how did you do it?

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    omg telling my parents i'm depressed was the hardest thing i've ever had to tell them in my life for sure. i told them in the 8th grade when i've been struggling with it for a couple months by then and was at my breaking point, i was on the verge of suicide and i just needed help.

    so one morning my mom tried waking me up for school and i woke up scared, sweating, and just totally freaked. i had a dream i killed myself by cutting my throat and it was SO SO SO scary in the nightmare and i was crying my mom held me and asked "what's wrong baby? what's wrong?" and that's when i realized i really need to just come out with it and i said "mom, please don't be scared because i'll be okay. i just need your love and support more then anything right now... i need help." and she said "help? what do you mean?" i said "i'm depressed and have been hiding it for a while now but if i go on without telling you i'll die, please help me" without any questions asked, she picked up the phone and dialed the hospital and i went to "the unit" and from there was sent to "skip" i don't quite remember what it stands for but it's when you stay at the hospital for about a week, it's for your safety and they counsel you while your in there and after i went there i went to IOP (intense out patient) therapy. and there, i got prescribed drugs to help with my anxiety and depression.

    right now, i'm still going through depression but slowly recovering, i'm still self mutilating and still get very moody at times but i'm A LOT better then before and i've came a long way. and i owe it all to my mommy, if it weren't for telling her i wouldn't be here, i suggest you tell your parents or someone you can trust. even though they may not understand they know what's best for you.

    if you need anything else or just wanna talk my contact info's on my page.

    good luck love!

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    Tell your parents your depress. Tell them why your depress. If you dont know why you depress it might be because you have nothing to worry about and you get depress. All you need is some family around and friends. People who support you and make you feel good. Stop being at home and go out more have fun with life.It does sound kinda hard to tell your parents but maybe you just feel alone and feel like no one cares. Your parents do.

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    Well i was born in virginia and then moved at the age of 2. every summer i visit my family there.

    When i leave i cry really hard.

    sitting in the car on our 14 hour drive back home i just told them, mom, dad, I'm depressed.

    From the situation they knew why but if they didn't know they most likely would've asked why? and say you have trouble with friends just say School and other stuff is putting a lot of stress on me and i wish everything was different. They will hopefully understand and hopefully you will become more open about it.

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    I actually never had to tell my parents. I overdosed on pills and they had to rush me to the hospital, and that's where they found out.

    When I developed bulimia, my mom heard me throwing up in the bathroom, when I told her I was going to take a shower.. even though the water was on high and the bathroom fan was on.. she still heard me.. she had no idea what to do, so she just let me keep throwing up for months.. after a few months I asked her if I could get help.. and I am now..

    My parents don't know how to deal with mental illnesses, which hurts me a lot.. sometimes it feels like they don't care.. but they do, they just don't know how to show it.

    talk to your parents, don't let them find out after you've done something terrible. I know it's hard to talk to them, but they are the only people that can actually help you. good luck and take care

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    Most teenagers and adolescents face depression as part of hormonal changes. Parents tend to be understanding of this, and the smarter parents do NOT send their kids to therapy or put them on medications.

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    will first of all i do not tell my parents that but i tell my husband.and what i do is relax in the shower and i go to the mirror and say to my self i am beautyful and theirs nothing thats going to mess up my day and i take some pm pills to help me sleep and the next day in the morning i get dressed and go and be bye your self kind of like to releave yourself bye the way how old are you

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    They reacted in a loving and caring way, parents will always love and care for you.

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    I do feel sad at times. But I do have my happy moments. I have never told my parents though.

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    My dad said "welcome to my world" and left the room (he doesn't like sharing feelings).

    My mother... it depends on her mood. Sometimes she thinks I'm trying to get attention (which I think is an awful thing to say). Other times she gets all proactive and e-mails my psychologist, psychiatrist and then tells me things I should do to get moving in my life.

    Sometimes I wish they would just hold me and say "its okay, one day it will be alright", but my parents aren't like that.

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    to b hones when i told my parents...they over reacted to much..they took to get some check ups. got me phycologist ... made me get hoe scholed and a whole lot of other things...because of that..i got bipolar...and just ... its beter to tell someone u know isnt gonna over react too much and take them to see a doctor or a specialist..goodluck :)


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