what is the coolest spots car i can get with $15,000?

im starting to get close to 16 and need a cool car to go to parties with

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    Dude I am 16 also and the only thing I have to say about you is.. Hopeless, here is why.

    1:Your 16 and want to cool car just to go to parties and ****..

    2: Its not the car, it's the driver*

    3: Yea sports cars are nice but there is something better for a really good reason**

    * Its not the car its the driver: Ask your self this.

    Q: Your out on the town and she two girls. Girl #1 is a has AID's and is skinny as a rail, but is in a $500,000,00 dollar Mercedes Benz SLR. Girl #2 Is amazing with a perfect body, perfect tan, perfect everything, but is in a banged little toyota or some little suv, minivan something like that..

    So who would you pick. Girl #1 or #2?

    **Sports cars are not always the best choice from looking cool.

    Now I am going to kick a little advice to someone else my age... I myself own two SUV's and one sports car. A 1997 Chevy Tahoe (seats 5) with alot of custom parts, a classic 1985 Chevy S10 Blazer (seats 4), and a classic 1982 Mercedes Benz Convertible (only seats 2).. So here is the point. In something like a Tahoe or a Cadillac Escalade, etc. not only can you look cool (SUV's are very modifiable) but you have the ability to haul around up to 8 friends (some SUV's seat 9), also not trying to sound crude but there is plenty of room in the back (if you see what I am getting at). In my Tahoe I am always have people comment how nice it is... But the other halve... My Benz sure it's sexy, sure its a chick magnet... But it only seats two.. So there is not much you can do with it (very limited) and there is no room for any bang bang (you probably thing I'm a 2 bit perv right about now)...

    BTW. If you have the right SUV or you have a modified SUV, They will haul *** ( The 2000 Tahoe SS with a stock engine could do over 130MPH!)

    But really look at the pro's and look at the con's, trust me you may spend 15K on a sports car and then regret it later down the road..

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    Well first of all... yur insurance rates would he through the roof seeing as yur 16 with no experience. 15k u'd def be looking at used. I suggest an RX8 cuz it's TECHNICALLY a 4 door so yur insurance wont be too high and it's sporty as hell. But you also gotta take in effect of functionality. I wouldnt get one of those if you live in an area with alotta snow because those things are about useless in snow and will probably wreck it.

    Source(s): 1/2 my family (including myself) in the insurance business.
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    1 decade ago

    Get a Lancer Evolution.

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