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has anyone heard of 1st credit limited?

i received a letter today from 1st credit limited today this exactly what it says:

Dear sir/madam

1st credit limited is attempting to contact the above named regarding a personal matter

your address has been supplied as a possible address for our subject who was previously resident at -

(my previous address)

please contact our offices immediately on telephone number 0843 320 0050 and quote the above 1st credit reference number at which time further information can be provided.

if you are not the individual we are attempting to contact or have information that may assist please call us at your earliest convenience, on telephone number 0843 320 0040, in order that we may correct our records.

if no response is recieved within 10 days of issue we will assume that you are the individual we wish to contact and will of course ensure that all relevent correspondance is sent to you.

yours faithfully

1st credit ltd

okay now i tried both of those numbers, the first number cuts to voicemail ofter 3 rings with a woman with and american accent speaking and the other one just rings out,

does anyone have any information that can supply me with???

thank you :)

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    These people are cretins who will use any number of underhanded tactics to get others to pay debts which they do not owe or which are time expired. Do not acknowledge them! Put their crappy letters straight in the bin.

  • Dawn
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    1st Credit are a collection agency. Have you ever had a debt with a gas or electric company? If not, then call them and tell them they have the wrong person (or a person that used to live there). They will update their records and will not contact you again. These guys buy bed debts of gas and electirc companies and chase the debt.

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    Wired Up and Fairfax are spot on. 1st Credit are bottom feeding parasites that break the law to gain money from you. Burn the letter, but never, never, contact any debt collecting agency via the telephone. If you must contact them, then write. And don't sign it, it is not beyond these robbers to forge signatures.

    Listen to the link and to all this Chaps others. They are informative and hilarious. All good advice on how to deal with debt collectors.

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    They are debt collectors, they buy old debts from banks and credit card companies that are over 7 years old and now closed but when they buy them they obviously want to get the debt paid to them, for those that do have these debts if you call them or write to them it reopens the old debts and then can be pursued for payment - ignore it and do not contact them or return the envelope as not known at this address. Credit card companies do not use addresses they use date of birth and NI numbers

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    dont reply to them dont phone them, just rip the letter up and throw it in the bin. Its a scam being operated by a semi legal debt collection agency. They try to tell you the debt goes to the address not the person. They're trying to panic you into paying a bill that isn't yours, so just ignore it and any other communications from them. If you get a letter claiming they have a payment to make to you and they need a bank account number then you know its a scam. Heres what i found out about them


    Like i said semi-legal, they claim to be legal but use illegal means to get money through miss-information

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    1st Credit

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    This is a debt recovery company that has previously been looked at by the Office of Fair Trading. I strongly advise you to contact the OFT without delay! See their website, www.oft.gov.uk

    Good Luck.

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    Just return the letter not known at this address. I have had this problem and concluded that it was nothing to do with me. Any debt is with the named person and not the address.

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