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Is Ereader worth it ?

I love reading and am always buying books and was untrusted in buying an ereader. Is it worth it? Is the books any cheaper then regular books? I was just wondering if I should spend the money and if so which one not so expensive but has good quality?

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    I'm an avid reader as well and I own the Kindle 2, so let me give you some of my opinions about it for you to decide. I've to say I love it! I think I've read over 30 books with my Kindle, no glitches so far! Kindle books are cheaper than actual books and I think I've saved over $100 for the books I've bought on the Kindle.

    One of the reasons I love my Kindle is that it has helped me improve a lot on my efficiency and utilize my time. Before I have the Kindle, waiting time like when I'm waiting for friends or waiting for shuttle bus or some thing like that is simply wasted. Now I just need to bring the Kindle 2 along with me, and all my favorite books are inside it. Another thing I like the most is the text-to-speech function, which means I can "read" books without even holding or looking at the Kindle. Now I like to use this function when I've myself busy on some boring things, say when I'm on the step machine or doing some housework...

    I like reading as well, and at the beginning I did miss a bit on the feeling of reading books. But now I love to hold the Kindle, the e-ink seems to work very well, it is really like reading books... Now I often read with the Kindle for several hours but I don't feel tired... And I now prefer to manage all books inside the Kindle rather than my never big enough bookshelf... And like to do bookmarking, annotation, dictionary lookup without any additional thing but a Kindle.

    There are quite a lot of free books (tips: if you're outside the U.S. all the books will have US$2 added, but when you choose to download to computer when you check out, the $2 will be waived, and you can copy the books to your Kindle through USB cable), and many Kindle books, magazines and newspapers are cheaper than the actual paper version. I remember I read these reviews about the benefits of the Kindle when I decided to buy it:

    Finally, in case you don't know, Amazon has put a price slash on the Kindle 2 just before Christmas, and it is now selling $100 cheaper than the price I got my Kindle, and it adds in international wireless access and native PDF support... So take the chance if you want it.

    Hope it helps :)

    Source(s): (Kindle 2 after price slash)
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    Is An Ereader Worth It

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    A friend of mine is really into books and she's had a Kindle for Christmas. She absolutely loves it. When asked about it she always says "It's ace!" with the worlds biggest grin on her face. She says it's better (reading wise) than an iPad for example as its not back lit so there's less chance of eye strain. I think I remember her saying she's got it linked to her Amazon account so she can buy and download books from Amazon through her Kindle. Given Amazon has a massive library then I'd say it'll be a good purchase.

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