How to authenticate my Birth Certificate for marriage in Mexico?

I require that my Birth Certificate be authenticated beofore i go to Mexico. The government there (in mexico) need my Birth Certificate to be authenticated by the government here (in england).

Now, I don't know what this means. Does it mean a stamp, or a signature, or invisible ink? I haven't got a clue.

Where can i get this authentication done?

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    Actually, what you need is an Apostille Stamp affixed on the birth certificate. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is where you can get this done. Here's the link......

    Why do documents need to be legalised?

    If you are going to use British documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you’ll probably be asked to have your documents legalised before they can be accepted. The FCO stamp of authenticity gives the person you’re dealing with complete confidence that it’s the genuine article.


    Legalisation fees are as follows:

    * Applications to Premium Service (London service for Business customers only): £69 per Apostille

    * Applications to Norfolk House (Milton Keynes): £28 per Apostille

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    You need to take it to the home office in London, it costs about £15 per document, you will also need to get everything translated into Spanish.

    Source(s): Had to do the same for marriage in Dominican Republic, cost me a fortune.
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    Are you sure you need to do it if you are taking the originals? You certainly have to do it if it is a photocopy. Check with them.

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