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I need another Christian to help me with this one?

My friend is one of the strongest Christians I know. We have been friends about three years and we have helped each others relationship with God grow. I am worried about him though. Now before I say the problem, I want to say one thing. If you are not a Christian or are going to judge or make fun of my friend, please do not even comment.

Ok, he is a very strong Christian. He loves God and puts God above everything. But he is autistic. He really wants to live for God, and he was telling me so just the other day. But now he says that he found out what God wants him to do. He thinks (or maybe he does, I really don't know) that he can hear God talking to him. He thinks that God told him to reveal as close as he could the antichrist/new world order. I am talking to him via chat right now, and he won't tell me who he thinks the antichrist is over the internet. I asked him why, and this is what he said

"They can track this conversation. these people. the people behind the rise of the new world order. they have their own supercomputers 2 pick up these kinds of conversations.....i have no leads on who the antichrist might be. but i know that everything is in place for him to rise to power."

Again, please no ridiculing my friend. Any rude or creul comments will be deleted, but I would like someone to give me their input on this. I know he has got some sort of problem. What should I do? I know to pray for him, and anyone seeing this, please pray as well. I know God hears our prayers and will help my friend.


Please, as I said more than once in the question, no making fun of my friend. I can't believe, that after saying that so many times in my question, that I had to report two people. Please, I mean it, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

Update 2:

Thank you for the caring people who did answer me kindly.

Update 3:

Tonks_op, he is eighteen years old.

Update 4:

Hey Jen, add me to your contacts list my email is :)

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    I am glad you posted this question! I also have a friend ( I had been her friend for 4 years now) who convinced me to be a Christan when I was 12 and I am 13 now. I tried to convince others to be a Christian but I wasn't successful. Can you help me on this? (add me as a contact)

    You can go to Your friend is a very strong Christian! I don't think you have to worry about him ( I know it's scary) since he is Christian and he will spend an eternity with Christ after death. I will also pray.

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    The Bible speaks of (2) Beast & the Antichrist, The beast since it is able to monitor people could very well be a computer, they actually have one somewhere in Germany called the beast, I've heard a lot of really bad stuff & about world wide people being entered into this computer. I know from the Bible that God is everywhere, the devil can't be (so he needs away of control in the end times) Christ has won the war for those that have excepted Jesus into their heart as their Savior. This is scary stuff, I hate talking about it. Your friend may have heard a pastor preaching about the antichrist, but there seems little possibility that he could know who he is. But he would be totally right about him being traced through the computer system. Read the book of Revelation, do some serious praying for cleansing & understanding..Look in the back of your Bible about devil, satan, beast, & any other names satin may be called. Only God knows somethings, he only gives us what we can understand. BUT God did use people of in many aspects of life, He know the worth of a peron not, " an ignorant person that makes fun of people" He may be wrong & probably is, yet the antichrist will be revealed. Who can say how but the Lord? So if there is an answer It will be a revelation from god when it happens....God Bless & help you through this time

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    First of all, what religion is he? Some religions are so far out that they start to think really outside the box and get unique ideas from GOD. For example, a girl I know said that he thinks that OBAMA was the antichrist and that there is a chip with the code 666 and it is being inserted in people. I heard about the super computer thing too. I had to distance myself since they were only living for the end and not the present. Their world was only about church and it you didn't think like them, you were against them and not accepted. I sorry that you are lost about you friend, but I suggest you let him do his thing and hopefully he will return before its too late.

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    before I introduce my answer, I should say that I am a charismatic Christian. If you do not know what does it mean, it means that we Charismatic Christians believe in Jesus as the Son of God, died on the Cross for the world's sins, including mine, and was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. We believe that the gifts of the Pentecost through the Holy Spirit and all of the miracles mentioned in the Bible are still how God intervene in our lives, even today. Before I say more I want to say that I will pray for your friend also, but I want to say, yes, it is possible that God actually told your friend to reveal something about the Antichrist. I personally had a vision of how God's wrath (not exactly, but a picture) is going to happen during the Great Tribulation but He did not tell me to reveal it). Remember, throughout the Bible, God always have a way to reveal great events, including the great flood in Genesis, and the story of God using Daniel as a Prophet (The Book of Daniel) . It is true that God does need any help. Nor did He need any help during the Flood and during times of Daniel. But He gave humanity the opportunity to partner with Him, and in your friend's case, it may be one of these opportunities. Since you said He is a strong follower of Christ, so I believe it is okay to put your friend in the hands of God, and pray that He guides your friend in this. But to you and I, and others who would never be sure who the Antichrist/world order is, must know that we cannot be sure who the Antichrist is until he makes a peace treaty with the Jews which allows the Jews to build their third temple. Israel has announced that the third temple will start to be built in March 2010. And remember the Bible's many warnings of watching out for the day of the Lord to come on Earth. The antichrist will appear on earth in a deceiving way, so God may not want to warn us, His followers, rather He may want to warn those whom do not know the Lord yet. And its up to you if you want to take my comment or not... I know you might be thinking I am one of those weird weirdos who just talk about end times... but I don't actually. God Bless!!!

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    Well, it could be sometime in the near future when the anti-christ arises. God still speaks to people and he can do it audibly or to a persons mind. It is good for people to want to learn and teach about the antichrist to warn people of what lies ahead. I don't know if your friend is hearing from God or not. As long as he is for the Bible, that is the main thing.

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    Why not just be a friend and love him anyway. I don't see the problem. What freaks you out? The fact that God talks to him and gives him visions or dreams. It is in the Bible that all this will happen in the end times. We are in the end times. God says in the Bible," I change not". He talks to people now just like He did in the Bible. The New World Order is happening right now. So what is the problem? Are you surprised God chose to use Him to get messages out? If so why? That is in the Bible too. Listen to him and support him. God bless, I hope this helps.

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    In your devotions you have seen passages such as Revelation that talk about the antichrist. You have read that people will say, "He is the Antichrist," and the Scripture says not to believe them. The point is don't stuff your head full of the fear of men and take up all the room for the fear of God. God is sovereign, and He is sanctifying you, and all you have to worry about is...well nothing. You don't have to worry because Christ has taken the punishment for all of your sins on Himself, and now you live by His Spirit. Your friend may have problems, pray for him...sincerely. Pray that God's will for Him would be done, and that God would protect His faith. After all, is there anything else in us that is more important?

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    Meds are needed and yet the meds have side affects. This is a life long condition from child birth. He needs help. Medical and mental assessment should be first act. Do all you can with positive thoughts. But he should seek professional help so he in not danger to himself or others.....Antichrist stuff is ugly, people confused start interacting and believing strongly that they can save the world...gets ugly.

    I have to say your friend is very composed for being autistic.

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    Good Christian people have believed they have known who the antichrist was going to have been since the time of Christ. Sometimes people believe this and are mistaken, sometimes they believe this and are misled by others, sometimes they believe this and are delusional. People with autism may be easy to mislead. I would first be concerned about from whom he is getting his information. I have a cousin, for instance, who is a fundamentalist preacher who believes that our president is the antichrist. I do not, at this time, share his belief. God seldom talks to people. I didn't say never. I said seldom. If your friend is hearing voices, you may have legitimate concern about his the functioning of his brain. Sometimes early onset schizophrenia can be misdiagnosed as autism, and vice versa. Schizophrenia is a very serious disorder of the brain, and many times it can be effectively treated. Good luck to both of you.

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    Well I definitely will pray for your friend, I promise you that, but it seems your in a jam. Tell your friend he's gone a little overboard and you might lose him as a friend. Tell him to continue his way and he'll be lost forever. Would you rather lose a friend telling him what is truly right? or lose your friend for an eternity?

    Consult your pastor on this one. Talk to your friend and ask him why he thinks such things.

    I know that he is wrong because God is the only one who knows who the antichrist is and when he will come. He would not trust any mortal with his all powerful secrets now would he? As for God talking to him, God talks to us all in many ways. Through our own consciousness, through kindness from other people, and even by shinning the light on what seems impossible. God is in our hearts. What your friend is hearing is not that of God. Help him.

    I Shall Pray for him.

    ~Someone who cares.

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