Somali Pirates or Tax Collectors?

Somalia is a lawless country, whatever happens goes. Piracy is said to be started in the early 1990's but it was not a concern until 2005 when piracy started to grow. In the years from 2007-2009 pirates started to make millions and navies from various countries world wide started to operate in the area. Most of these are members of NATO.

According to the SAP there are at least 5 gangs totaling around 1000 armed men. Note there are more NATO soldiers operating in the area than Somali pirates.

Somalia being a lawless country is known to be taken advantage of by Asian and European companies dumping and illegally fishing in the region. The rise of somali pirates in 2005 hid the fact that the asians and europeans were still making money illegally from the somalis.

Peter Lehr, a Somalia piracy expert at the University of St. Andrews says "It's almost like a resource swap, Somalis collect up to $100 million a year from pirate ransoms off their coasts and the Europeans and Asians poach around $300 million a year in fish from Somali waters."

~ The Independent

~ Chicago Tribune

Peter Lehr explained that the Somalis aren't the pirates but rather tax collectors which have been stealing from the somali waters. The tax rate settled to 33% and the Asians and Europeans are still making hundreds of millions. Not the forget that every organization illegally fishing off the coast of Somalia had the pleasure of taking a tax break of around 15 years from ~1990-2005.

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    1 decade ago
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    You are correct in saying Somalia is a lawless country. If these people really only want to collect "taxes," they should pull themselves together to form a working government, and carry out tax collecting duties in an organized, duly-authorized manner, with rules and regulations governing the rate, the collection process, and the requirements for both the tax collector and the taxpayer.

    They don't. They are thugs. That argument is bullshiit.

    It's a question of authority. You can't just decide to collect taxes on your own.

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    An interesting thought. So, let's look at this rationally.

    The people that pay the taxes are the ones that get some sort of benefit from the object. So, for example...I may pay an income tax, because I am getting an income and therefore am required to pay part of what I earned as a tax. Or, I pay a sales tax when I purchase an item to use. Or, a use tax, like if I pay a toll to use a highway. Fine. So, the people that should be taxes (or brought to justice) are the ones that are illegally fishing in Somali waters. Great. Why then do the pirates that operate off the coast of Somalia take tourists in sailboats that are merely passing-by hostage? They are not the ones that are "stealing" from their waters. Or, why do they go after container ships that are also merely passing-by?

    Sorry my friend, but something is wrong with your logic. But thank you for making us think about it anyways.

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    1 decade ago

    Hhaha : Very true : They are indeed tax collecters .

    Its funny because the Somali pirates of course do not accept credit cards or checks, nor do they offer terms , you can't reason with them its either cash Everything is handled in cash , which than obviously provides for a very healthy cash flow statement. I find the whole piracy thing ridicuolues they say they're just trying to protect themselves from hunger. Although a $20 million ransom might seem like a ridiculous sum to feed themselves, the pirates have become effective negotiators in asking for amounts that will get paid . Esp . in Somalia , do the outsiders know how much 20 MILL is worth ? The Somali pirates have grown their business from a small fleet of fishermen trying to keep international boats from poaching their waters to a multinational, multimillion dollar enterprise by reinvesting profits into the purchase of new a mother ship, they can however be dangeroues and treat to the others ! more speed boats and sophisticated weapons , thats why they call them pirates .

    People need to seriously understand that those so called pirates use nothing but the basics to run their business. They operate off of a mother ship , nothing more than an old fishing boat - from which they launch speed boats that handle the actual attacks on the targeted vessels. They carry hooks, ladders and basic somali military weaponry to achieve their goal of infiltrating the victim ships.

    but than again , they can take over Iraq in ONE week , but they can't seem to " control " , these so called young fisherman , again ...........funny isn't it ?

    Source(s): I haven't really answered your question , but nonetheless , an interesting concept you've brought .
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    "Peter Lehr explained that the Somalis aren't the pirates but rather tax collectors which have been stealing from the somali waters"

    Its wrong for Asian and European countries for making money on 'illegally' fishing, but Somali pirates have been stealing from ANY country they get their hands on, and I even though I'm Somalian I have to say its their loss for not taking any action against Europe & Asia and then resulting to piracy... BUT Its unfair and impossible to stop any of the illegal fishing and dumping, Somalia against Europe and Asia? Defeated.

    Both countries/continents are " gaar daran"

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    1 decade ago

    This is a bunch of bull. Point blank. I am Somali and even I can admit they are pirates. Now methods of getting rid of the piracy is where I might disagree with some people. Them being pirates is an indisputable fact. Tax collectors? Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

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    1 decade ago

    This Peter Lehr is an idiot. Let's pretend that these pirates have a right to "collect taxes". Don't you think they should go after the people who are illegally fishing instead of innocent people on vacation or companies that have nothing to do with the resources being taken?

    And aren't you either very foolish for agreeing with this person or very deluded to try to rationalize kidnapping, killing and ransom?

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    4 years ago

    I agree 100% Somalia has been screwed over many times, by the nuclear wastes dumped in our oceans and causing cancers to many of the locals, countries killing off our fishermen to expand their greedy corpartions, and sending ethiopians to protect us was the WORST idea possible, it's like sending North Koreans to go help the South Koreans. Of course, most westerners do not know of this, and they think we are the bad guys. God Bless Somalia and may those pirates stop ruining our names.

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    A few tactical nukes would solve the problem. The solamlis obviously have too much time on their hands, and a man-made disaster would be just the thing to get them back to doing something productive.

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    1 decade ago

    You need to listen up Rambo. I have read that Somalians have tried to compromise and have offered to become the Somalian Coast Guard to protect the sea fairers. We work with the warlords and everyone else including the Talabanis. So why not. Why not, I say, if you can't lick them, join them.

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    for me this is the best question of 2010...!

    they are "T a x C o l l e c t o r s"

    I am glad to know someone who understands the reality…!;_ylt=AoKAI...;_ylt=AnlOT...

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