What is a lag switch?

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i've been playing modern warfare 2 and some guy sent me a message asking if i was using a lag switch as his wasnt working. and i have no idea what a lag switch is, or what its ...show more
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a lag switch is for poeple who cant get kills by themselves. All it is is a Ethernet cable and a light switch. you simply cut the cable in half and make the mane connector naked and hook it up to the lightswitch. and when in a game like modern warfare when hit flick the switch connection is lost for a couple seconds and it gives you a chance to walk around the enemy and kill from behind. poeple know when theres a lag switch and will get mad at you if you do it .
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  • Ed T answered 4 years ago
    I must break you!!!! You will lose!!!!
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  • Will Brown answered 1 week ago
    Something that sweaty fatasses use to force lag in a lobby. If they get host, everyone connects to them, so they can flip a switch on their router/controller, usually built by the lag switcher. It sends data called packets to everybody's router in the lobby including teammates, but the douchebag isn't affected because everyone is connected to him. It can end you up in federal prison, and [probably] is the reason for 75% of prison rapes.


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  • tommy answered 4 years ago
    its a device to my the others lag and you not like host in gears of war but way more hardcore
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  • Gear answered 4 years ago
    my house telephone >.>

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  • Tom answered 4 years ago
    it stops the flow of traffic from your local console and the internet, so you seem frozen in the online cam whilst still being able to move on the local game, and when the timer runs out your opponent sees the change in a sudden, so effectively he has no idea where you are.
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