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Discount code to buy Extenze?

My boyfriend has been taking Extenze for about 3 months now and his current supply is about to run out. His friend told him that he had a discount code to buy extenze online or over the phone cheaper. Is this true?

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    Because Extenze is manufactured by only one company, I tend to find that the price is always roughly the same (about 60 bucks for a month's supply).

    Having said that, I always buy my Extenze online from because occasionally they will run a special offer so they always seem a little cheaper than everywhere else I have tried.

    The only discount code I ever use is when I need to order extenze over the phone (I only ever do this if I need to use my wife's credit card)

    The discount code I use is 64211A and the phone number is 1-866-269-3487 within the USA and this always seems to give a couple bucks discount vs the Internet price.

    I am not sure if that code ever changes so you might want to check the following web page every so often:

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