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Who has more talent Taylor Swift or Britney Spears?

Taylor Swift has never lip synced unlike the LIP SYNCING QUEEN Britney Spears.

Taylor writes her own songs.

Britney has never wrote a song.

Taylor plays her own instruments.

Britney has never played a instrument.

Taylor has never used sex to sell records.

All Britney has ever done is use her sex appeal to sell records.

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    Taylor swift has more talent and a big successful future, britney ruined her life but is not trying her best to make it all work, and she is doing a good job.

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    1. Britney has written 26 released songs. So there goes your theory that "Britney has never wrote a song". Another fun fact: Britney wrote and produced Everytime and it went #1 worldwide.

    2. She comes up with the concepts for all her videos. Baby one more time was all Britney's idea. I don't know if you've ever heard of that song, it's just one of the best selling songs of the 90s and one of the most iconic videos of the 90s.

    3. Britney comes up with concepts for her tours.

    4. Britney helped write the script to the movie she was in.

    5. Britney can dance. Last time i checked Taylor can't.

    6. Britney plays the piano. Go look up youtube videos, it's really easy to do. So there goes your theory that "Britney has never played a instrument."

    7. Britney has stage presence and can put on a show. Her performances are known as being iconic. Oops VMA 2000, VMA Slave 4 u 2001 with the snake and the kiss with Madonna at the VMA's are all great examples. Where's Taylor's iconic performance? I saw Taylor live and she was nothing special.

    8. No once cares if she lip synches. Britney has the 4th highest grossing tour of 2009. Taylor's tour landed at #35....

    9. Britney has sold more than 182 millions records. How many has Taylor sold? around 6 million maybe.

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    1.taylor writes her own songs- ok Taylor got that point

    2. Taylor plays her own instruments- Britney might but doesn't show it

    3.Taylor has never used sex apepeal to sell records- ok Taylor is still young so she might in the future not saying she will....

    Britney though has a lot of talent she sang music videos by the age of 16.. She had her ups and downs but she was under a lot of pressure..

    Taylor and Britney i think has equal talent they are both extremely EXTREMELY talented.

    so no idea :)

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    Britney Spears.

    Taylor Swift is not a skilled dancer.

    Britney Spears has co-written her own songs.

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    As much as I dislike Taylor Swift and her music I have to agree with everything you said, Britney is nothing but a talentless girl who was forced into the spotlight.

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    I just hate Taylor Swift,

    So Britney FOR SURE !

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    in the zone told u! lol. i was going to say i think taylor is more talented. but they are both talanted in their own way. i do think taylor has a better voice and can sing better then brittney. i love brittney's older songs but dont like her new music.

    i dont like that brittney turned nasty and slutty. and i like that taylor has a clean image.

    but sometimes i think taylor is okay.. she needs to do something crazy or fun for once. she does get annoying sometimes

    but taylor is still cool cuz she wrote a lot of her songs and playes the guitar.

    brittney will always be cool and famous. but i think the main reason she stays so famous is cuz she is sexy.

    i think even after she is 80 she will still be followed by paparazzi. lol.

    answer my question-;_ylt=ApNuJ...

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    wow... you sure made your decision...

    i like britney better...

    who cares if she's lip synced? it's hard to sing AND dance at the same time... that's why they do it. the main thing is that we all know Britney actually has a good voice... she can sing AND dance... isn't that a good thing?

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    I think you answered your own question... Taylor Swift is a very talented genuine person! I hope she goes far with her music.

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