If the Colts dont make it to the Super Bowl will Jim Caldwell be to blame ?

I just felt like that was an insult to the game to sit down the starters when you have a chance to go undefeated. I understand why he did it but they still arent guarantee to make it to the Super Bowl. Because they arent that dominate, any of those teams can eliminate the Colts.

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    I always blamed Dungy for not taking the Colts to (or only taking them once to) the Superbowl despite having such a dominant QB that practically runs the offense on the field.. Peyton carries this team through every regular season, but its the coach's job to win in the playoffs. I think Caldwell did pretty good for his first season, but it's pretty lame to completely give up any chance at perfection just to get another week of rest in their star players. They already have a by week, and missing several weeks in a row while other teams are gaining momentum for the playoffs is the reason they always lose to teams like the Patriots, Steelers, or Chargers in the playoffs. And wouldn't a perfect season, even if they do lose in the Superbowl like the Pats, still be much more memorable then just another random Superbowl win. In 20 years, I'll probably not remember the New York Giants superbowl winning season, but I'll always remember the Patriots perfect regular season.

    Also, It's hard to call this team dominant when their only weapon is the QB to receiver game. Until a coach puts some vigor into the rest of the team, it will never be dominant in the playoffs. Not going for perfection seems like a lack of interest in being the best.

  • Oma
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    Well anytime a team doesn't perform to expectations the coach gets blamed. When you're winning people trust your judgement. They butt out and let you run things. When you're not, they go back and nit pick every decision you made. Nobody would have questioned Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts if they got it, and went on to win. Then he would have been a mastermind. Since they didn't get it and lost, now people are questioning his abilities to lead.

    There was no guarantee that the Colts would make the superbowl, but their chances would drop significantly if Manning got hurt and they had to trust Curtis Painter with their superbowl run. After seeing Painter's play, do you really want him leading your team in the playoffs?

    The Colts are the top seed in the AFC. They will be in matter if they go 16-0 or not. Playing for rings is better than playing for records. If you can keep your key players healthy your chances are better in the playoffs.

    The experts who wanted to see the Colts keep going are the worst bandwagoners out there. If the Colts win the superbowl, they're going to question Caldwell for pulling his guys and giving away an undefeated season. It will be the same thing if he loses in the playoffs. However if Manning kept playing and suffered a serious injury trying to chase perfection, and they lose with Painter??? Those same experts will be calling for his job for risking Manning in a meaningless game.

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    As a Colts fan I am really upset with the decision to bench the starters. These are professional athletes who are paid outrageous salaries to win games for the fans. I blame Jim Caldwell for this humiliation and embarrassment. To blow a chance for a perfect season is just asinine. Think how many fans would have bought t-shirts and merchandise celebrating a 16-0 season! They lost millions in revenue and publicity.

    The excuse of "resting the starters" is a bunch of crap. You don't see Bill Belichick resting his starters!!!

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    They arent that dominate?....15-1 sounds dominate to me...that 1 loss coming from only playing your starters for 3/4 of the game. How does going 16-0make them a different team? If they arent that dominate and went 16-0 they can still be beaten...look at the Pats.

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  • ginzel
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    hassle-free there fella. i comprehend that loss remains working ya yet guy Caldwell had little to do with their loss. The Colts have been arranged, stimulated and geared to win that activity that's why they have been in a position to dominate the 1st quarter. the authentic reason the Colts lost grew to become into the comparable reason they have lost another season and why different "large" qb's in no way win titles. Peyton, no rely how good he's, has a "stud" complicated and that in the time of no way bolds properly at that place. So what do you get? a number of of their communities early final decade that had far greater skills have been held back because of the fact of Peyton's could coach im the "stud" and throw the ball 40+ situations a activity and that they lost in the playoffs for that reason. the only time he gained a call grew to become into while he have been given out of how and controlled the activity appropriate. Take Tommy Brady for ex., the guy has a vulnerable arm and has a tendency to throw %. in massive video games yet while the Pats used him to easily manage the activity they gained 3 SB's and the three hundred and sixty 5 days he grew to become into to hold the team he could not get it carried out. in certainty QB's do not win video games they lose them and in case you have not have been given a company set as much as administration their ego you wont win constantly in the playoffs. So no, do not fault Jim Caldwell he isn't the guy that checks out of working performs on the line and on a key third down push the ball down the sphere rather of taking 5 yards on a examine down(i wanted to kick Peyton's butt while they ignored the sphere purpose) and putting your kicker up for a sturdy attempt. It grew to become into not Jim Caldwell that had a number of undesirable throws, before the Int., or that stared down Reggie Wayne. Fault Peyton and the Colts as a company for not controlling his ego! in case you do not have self assurance me look on the version between the careers of those qb's. Elway- did not win till they desperate to run Marino- in no way ran the ball and in no way gained because of the fact of it Favre- basically grew to become into large while Holmgren grew to become into in a position to maintain him in examine *they opt for an spectacular D- This theory of having their protection far greater advantageous is hogwash! The cap would not enable complete communities anymore and the only venture they are in a position to do is help the D out with the help of restricting their time on the sphere.

  • Will
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    Why is it an insult to want to keep everybody as healthy as possible?

    If you had been coach of the Colts yesterday, and had played Manning the whole game, and it was found after the game that he had torn an ACL, you would have been fired so fast that you would have soiled your clothing.

    There is a word for teams and coaches that get into the playoffs with banged up players. That word is "loser".

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    Hopefully they get to play at least a fuul half this coming week.

    2 weeks off is detrimental to the chemistry of the team.

    eg. Steelers(wildcard) beating the Colts (1st rd bye) to go on and win SB XL

    Source(s): Colts rested final 2 weeks of regular season. Sound Familiar ?
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    Sure he's to blame - he killed their momentum. Did you see the look on their faces? These guys are done. It was bad enough they were given three games by opponents who made bad decisions and they were able to squeak by - all at home I may add.

    Caldwell has followed the Dungy book to a tee and it will bite them in the ***.

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    And if they win the Super Bowl, people will talk about the genious Caldwell is for keeping his starters fresh for the postseason.

  • jack
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    1 decade ago

    well if they dont make it to the super bowl because Peyton Manning broke his leg, would you blame Jim Caldwell, and as for winning the Super Bowl just because you make it does not mean you will win, Just ask one of the Pats...fans here...

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