What's America like??

Hey, I'm from Australia... I was wondering what America is like....

Is is really like it is in TV shows and stuff - whats high school like?, - are stereotypes as big of a deal.

- What's the environment like? - Is it pretty good over there? - Do you run into celebs everywhere..??

- so much to ask, so little time... btw... how is Australia portrayed in American tv shows and stuff or if you are from America - what do you think of Australia... just curious.. and bored.

final question - is America a good place to live( considering school,people,security etc)???

lol. for some reason this fell into the category;

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    Hello! I personally love America. I have lived here all my life. And yes the high schools are pretty much the same as on TV except television goes a little overboard with it. But it's pretty much the same.

    High school is pretty awesome. There's lost of drama but you still get to meet a lot of cool people. There are a lot of different environments in America. The northern part is the city part with all the tall buildings and stuff. The southern part is a lot of land, trees, farms, etc. People from the south have drawls. People from the north have clipped accents.

    About the celebrities, you'll run into a lot depending on where you go. like if you live in the top three states where they film shows and movies(California, New York, and North Carolina[i live here]), then you will definitely get to see a lot. But you'll see the most in Beverly Hills or hollywood in California.

    Hmmm now on to the tv shows/ Well the most I see about Australia on TV is on Animal Planet. I see nice scenery and a nice land, but I also see that there are a lot of deadly snakes, spiders, sea creatures, etc. But I'm sure it's not that bad. Oh and there are a lot of animals from what I've seen. but I've never been there before, but that's what my cousin said.

    I think that America's a wonderful place to live! Great security, great general welfare, you get a lot of services, you only have to be 14 to start practicing driving. The people here are very privileged but I think they take what they have for granted. But I understand how lucky I am. School is not that hard as other countries. It's not very rigorous but you still get into great universities and such. My favorite part about high school is being in the marching band as color guard and a majorette. You get to spin batons and wear very sparkley outfits, and spin pretty flags and dance with the band. And drumline is so cool. Also, you get to go to a lot of football games. (Not the footbball where you kick a white dotted ball. I mean american football with all the tackling and touchdowns and such).

    Everybody goes to football games and it's sooooooo fun. We even go on cool field trips. We're going to the Bahamas this year.!!!

    I love this country. But I would definitely like to live in the UK or something for a few years when I'm grown to get a taste of other things and then move back here.

    Well I hope this helped. Oh and this is my point of view as a 15 year old who dances, plays the piano, sings, is a majorette, and is in high school. :) How old are you?

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    First off, the schools on T.V are a little over exaggerated. You MAY run into those type of schools, but you most likely won't. They aren't split up into categories, you're basically friends w/ who ever you choose to be friends with. Almost everyone is accepted, unless you're in a school in the ghetto, or a school in the rich areas.

    Running into celebrities, only if you live in LA or NYC and even then it's not common. If you're in the right part of L.A then maybe you will. The environment is not the best, in the large cities, it's dangerous to walk the streets in the middle of the night because there are homeless people sleeping all over, people who would do anything for some money (possibly stealing it from you). So even the beautifulest parts of the states are dangerous and not what you see on t.v

    NYC looks beautiful, but what they do not show is the truth (homeless people, drugs, murders, gangs). Cities on T.V aren't exaggerated, they just aren't showing everything.

    Stereo types almost don't exist, either your cool or your not. Most people who wouldn't be considered cool are those who wear walmart clothes , and walmart shoes.

    America is a great place to be, as you hear.. it's the land of opportunity. I've been living in America for 18 years. If you plan on coming to America just come with a plan, because fast food and retail isn't a great first job for a new comer. Housing is sort of expensive, so don't aim directly for NYC or Los Angeles... they're expensive.

    The reason I love America is because it is more free, it has more diversity, and we have more opportunities. Although not everyone has "liberty and justice".. it's still not a bad place.

    Now Australia, I think of a huge zoo with Kangaroos and Koala bears everywhere lol..

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    I'm American and my dad was in the Navy so I've moved around and seen alot. America is okay. Except for the government. And the money-hungry people. And all the rude people. And all of the people who aren't tolerant to any other country/race/religions/etc. The majority is a close-minded people. And there aren't very many country sides anymore. Its expensive and everything is going downhill fast. No, you don't see celebrities really ever. Unless you're super rich and live in Los Angeles probably. lol America isn't that great, but some of it is. I suppose its like anywhere else, though: You just have to search and you'll find the goodness. Oh, and MY high school wasn't as big on stereotypes as others, but I lived in a really really small town then. I know some kids who go to a much bigger school, and its all sterotypes so I guess its where you go.

    As far as Australia goes... I'd love to see it. I'm not really sure how I imagine it. I guess like that other said said Americanized int he cities and some peaceful country sides. Obviously your history is richer since Aussie has been around longer. Honestly Australia is portrayed much in America. Maybe because we're not that much different..? I don't know.

    Hope I helped :)

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    There are a whole lot more people trying to get into America than there are trying to get out of it. It's not like TV though. High schools depend on how much money you have and where you live. The poorer you are the more dangerous the school and the less quality education you get. Australia is portrayed over here as a racist society with little or no regard for the Aborigine natives.

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    America has different states, where everything will be different. Different sub-cultures. So, if you visit the south, it will not be the same as visiting up North- or on the West Coast. it just depends on where you visit. And no, you will not run into celebrities everywhere. Maybe your chances are higher if you live in Los Angeles or HollyWood. There are some very nice places to live- and they are usually in the suburbs or rural areas in any state you choose.

    I have honestly heard some really good things about Australia- more recently. But there was a time when I heard it was very bigoted towards the 'blacks'- which I later learned are the aborigines. I dont know what to think of it- I was never interested until someone told me it was wonderful. Of course, I think of kangaroos- crocodile hunter and the accent.

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    If you don't have a warrior's fearlessness, and the wisdom of a monk, you won't survive. Only the strong make it here. Why you think all these people who visit complain. Because they can't hack it. This is the land where "anything goes" and might make right. No time for wimps and fools. We are about money, if you're not, don't come. All the other bs is just that.

    I think of Australia as americanized in the cities, But in the countryside its wild and untamed. I never been, so I don't know for sure.

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    Some high schools in america is like you see on Tv. It really depends on where you live and what high school you go to.

    The environment is good to me, it really depends on how the weather is.

    Most people that i know that lives in New York have seen celebrities a lot.

    I live New Jersey so it's not as common here,but New york is and california is a good place to see celebs.

    I never really seen Australians shows here but, it seems like a beautiful place.

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    I'm proud of bein an American and I love this country. It's more diverse than people realize and it's kind of make it or break it society. But my High School was stereotypical of what you see in the movies.

    It's a huge country and different regions have diff mannerisms and likes.


    America is not really racist. Why the hell would we elect an African-American President?

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    full of racism

    there are a lot of stuck up white american, they think they are better than everybody else.

    lot of ignorance.

    it's a living hell

    @ Musicman- how is australia like? i got an invitation to become a foreign exchange student in Australia, but i couldn't go because i have college classes.

    Source(s): latina/hispanic/ venezuelan girl that was born in america and lives in america
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    its an alright place except its full of americans. *drum thing at the end of a joke*

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