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how do they make grape juice into wine?

i dont get how they do that.... i seen they stomp on it and than leave the juice in a barrel and it becomes wine??? Do they mix rubbing alcohol in it to make the grape juice wine??? And is it true the longer its in a barrel the better it taste? Doesn't it get fungusy after a while because i remember i had some apple juice in a bottle and after a month it got some fungus inside the bottle.


lol i did drink it a bit before i realised there was fungas in it... i spat it out and was pretty sick.

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    Wow. There's a lot of misinformation in the responses that you have already.

    Here's the scoop:

    The process of wine-making is a pretty interesting process.

    The first step, of course, is obtaining the juice from the fruit. In the case of grapes, this means crushing the grapes into "must". Must is basically crushed fruit, stems, seeds, and skins.

    Then the juice is strained from the pomace (the solids - stems, skins, etc.) and the pomace pressed to release the rest of the juice.

    Next the juice is sterilized, either chemically or by heating. This prevents any unwanted fungus (molds or wild yeasts) from affecting the juice. After this step, the juice is inoculated with the proper yeast to ferment it into wine.

    The next step is fermentation, where the yeast digests the fructose and glucose (sugars) in the juice and excrete carbon dioxide and alcohol as waste products. The yeasts keep reproducing and digesting until their environment (the juice/wine) becomes too full of their own wastes (alcohol) and it kills them (often when the alcohol content reaches around 7%, but up to 14% for some yeast strains). Yeah, yeasts are kinda like people in some ways.

    After this fermentation step, the wine is "racked" meaning that it's poured off of whatever solids remain and put into casks to age. Eventually the wine is bottled and sold, or is distilled (a process by which the alcohol is boiled off of the wine and then condensed) into brandy.

    There are a few steps that I've skipped, and some steps occur more than once, but you should have a general idea of how it's done.

    In the US, it's legal to brew your own wine or beer for personal consumption, but illegal to distill it into spirits (such as brandy, whiskey, vodka, etc.) or sell it.

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    How To Make Wine Out of Grape Juice:

    1) Get some grape juice.

    2) Mix the grape juice with 2 parts water. (The less water, the stronger the wine. Use all grape juice if you want it really strong)

    3) Mix in just enough sugar to where it starts to turn cloudy.

    4) Add half of a packet of yeast. (A whole packet if you are making a lot.)

    5) Find a container to make the wine in. I would suggest a plastic container.

    6) Poke a small hole in the lid of the container. This is to let the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation out of the container. If the hole is too small to let the carbon dioxide out, the wine will spoil, but if the hole is too big, and air gets in, you will have vinegar. Experiment, this part takes some experience.

    7) Mix everything together and put on the lid.

    8) Store in a cool, dark place for 3-7 days. (Until the small bubbles stop rising to the top.)

    Warning: Step 8 smells. Bad.

    9) After the bubbles stop rising, open the bottle and prepare a white coffee filter.

    10) Run the mixture through the white coffee filter to get all of the excess sugar and yeast out.

    11) Throw away the filter and all the stuff in there.

    12) Enjoy!

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    Sure it gets fungus inside of it. The type of fungus in wine is called "yeast". They filter all the nasty stuff out though. And, they don't stomp on grapes any more. These days, they use sterilized machines instead of people's dirty feet..... you know, health codes and such.

    The yeast eats sugars in the grape juice and they poop out alcohol. Thats how alcohol gets into wine. This process is called "fermentation".

    They also don't put rubbing alcohol in wine. Rubbing alcohol is a different type of alcohol then the kind used for drinking. It isn't good for people and I hear that it will kill you.

    And, its not necessarily true about the barrel thing. Yes, wine is aged for a bit. But some wines go bad if they sit too long. Other wines get better. It just depends on the wine maker.

    That stuff in your apple juice was indeed yeast. You should have drank it. Maybe you coulda got drunk.

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    yes , juice is into red wine

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    fermintation. it rotts and turns into alchol. just like rotten potatoes makes vodka and corn makes whiskey.

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