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United Against Fascism, are they far left fascists/Radical Islam supporters?

United Against Fascism was set up in 2003 by openly far left party, The Socialist Workers Party, this was when the far left fascists first began to really fear the far right fascists (BNP)

Weyman Bennett the joint secretary of UAF, encourages his UAF troops at UAF meetings to stop the BNP by any means necessary, does that include violence and murder Mr Bennett?

The UAF want to smash the BNP, is that just verbally or is that physically as well, if it is physically then that makes you the real fascists.

Winston Churchill told us, 'the fascists of the future will be called the anti fascists'

In acts of Far left fascism, which is funded by our left wing government and portrayed by our biased left wing media as anti fascism, the UAF does the (more extreme)dirty deeds of the Labour/Liberal party, in particularly by going out of their way to try and slow down the progress and to try and prevent the BNP voices being heard, they sometimes try to encourage muslim youths to riot against the police, as well as attempting other ways to not let the BNP have their say. Basically in their own way the UAF are as fascist if not more fascist then they claim the BNP to be.

UAF and Radical Islam, have you ever wondered why the UAF who call themselves United Against Fascism do not protest against Radical muslim(Islam4uk) protests which call for sharia law in Britain, Sharia law is a form of Fascism, so why do the UAF not protest against them? If Britain and Western Europe became an Islamic state under sharia law and an Islamic government, all non muslims would be forced to submit to Islam or be persecuted and forced out of their home countries, the UAF say they are not against religious movement, but sharia law is a fascist law that could do worst things than the BNP ever could. There is a far-left/Islamist alliance, if you speak out your fear of Islam you will be branded racist and Nazi by 'United Against Fascism. Islam'/muslims will use idiots like those of the UAF for their own personal gain then turn on them and us when Islam and muslims have full control.

BNP and wanting them closed down, we have far left fascists so why not allow far right fascists to have their say, if the BNP are closed down forcefully due to jealousy of growth, then you and the government will be exposed as the real fascists.

It is my conclusion, that UAF members/supporters are either naive do gooders who have been brainwashed by our left wing biased education system as well further brainwashing by far left fascist/traitor parties like, The Socialist Workers Party/ United Against Fascism

Otherwise, non muslim United Against Fascism supporters/members who are not blindly led into this, really are traitors to Britain, to their fellow Britons and whether they know it or not to themselves.

Biased left wing media, they are naturally biased to our left wing government (BBC especially) , BNP crimes are toned up and UAF crimes toned down, the BNP has its fair share of bad apple supporters

just like the UAF do.

BNP and question time, a conspiracy against the BNP fascist (Nick Griffin) by both the fascist Panel and by the far left fascists the UAF in the audience, as was exposed after the show had aired. Oh and the UAF injured three police officers in their anti far right/far left demo.

For the record, as a young male in his late teens and born in England, i support multiculturalism, but iam 100% against Islam, as a supporter of multiculturalism i do not want to vote BNP, but iam prepared to if it is in the best interests of me and all other non muslims.

BNP fascism or Sharia law fascism, which one would you chose?

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    You do not need to vote for the BNP if you are not a fascist- Sharia law will not effect you as you are not islam and for what I know there is no intentions from others parties to implement it. There is no reason to be worry about it

  • Jim J
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    Yes they are both far left Fascists and apologists for Islamic militancy ( Muslims are an ethnic minority you see) so it fits into their silly agenda.

    The UAF are a joke and an embarrassment.

    They are also Idealistic reactionary dupes that are doing the establishments dirty work for them and they haven't the intelligence to realise it.

    I would prefer (if I had a choice) to live in a BNP Britain than a third world Islamic spiteful hateful state, Just look at Islamic states to see. I am like you, not anti immigrant because not all immigrants behave like Muslims, but it appears that most if not all militant radicalism-Problems comes from the Islamic population that contradicts the UAF assumption that its beliefs is that the BNP is totally anti immigration and not as is the case anti Islamic fascist.

  • ?
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    There are many titles for movements that try to inflict their ideologies on others by violence . The Ancient Greeks called them tyrants, early nineteen century called them huns then came Nazis, The titles mean very little its their methods that are always the same disagree with them and they will use force to make you agree all with their hands spread bleating about how hard done by they are , And you should be on there side until you try to debate with them then you see them for what they are violent criminals with twisted minds hell bent on getting their way no matter who is hurt or killed . An instance are animal rights groups one of the most violent bunch of thugs on the planet it seems animals have rights but humans in the way have none .It is no surprise that Islamics are violent their religion preaches death to unbelievers while it spreads its hands and has the bloody cheek to call itself a religion of peace. Islam has since its first concept killed tortured and maimed more human beings than all the wars and all the dictators in the whole worlds history all in the name of Allah.All the hatred and killing in the Baltics have been a reaction to the bloody hand of Islam.

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    Replacing one government program with another "newer" program is fascism.

    Fascism does not require violence to be effective, it simply requires a level of imposed control over the means of services or good, with an incentive of 'need' to entice the population to agree--called 'rationing'.

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    You need to study up on fascism a little bit. Fascism is nothing more than a way for a right-wing, wealthy elite to inflict their wants and demands upon an unwilling public.



    Thomas Paine’s Corner

    Sept. 24, 2007


    Fascism is a false revolution. It makes a revolutionary appeal without making an actual revolution. It propagates the widely proclaimed new order while serving the same old moneyed interests.

    Before World War I, Benito Mussolini was a socialist, but the minute the wealthy classes in Italy offered him financial support and power, he didn’t hesitate to switch sides. And with the huge sums he got from wealthy interests, Mussolini was able to project himself onto the national scene as the leader of a movement that specialized in attacking unions, peasant farm cooperatives, socialists, communists, and anarchists.

    After World War I, to maintain profit levels, the large industrialists and big land owners had to slash wages and raise prices. The state, in turn, had to provide the big owners with massive subsidies and tax exemptions. To finance this corporate welfarism, the populist had to be taxed more heavily, and social welfare expenditures drastically cut.

    But the government wasn’t completely free to apply harsh measures because many Italian workers and peasants had their own unions and fairly strong political organizations. With demonstrations, strikes, boycotts, factory takeovers, they won substantial concessions in wages and work conditions and the right to organize and were able to defend their standard of living. To roll back that standard of living and to get the economic changes that the plutocrats and tycoons wanted, the ruling interests had to abolish the democratic rights that helped workers and peasants defend that standard. The solution was to smash their organizations and their political liberties. The leaders of industry, along with top bankers and agribusiness associations, met with Mussolini to plan and finance the so-called “Fascist Revolution.” Within two years after seizing state power, Mussolini had shut down all opposition newspapers and crushed the socialist, liberal, Catholic, democratic, and republican parties, which together had commanded about 80% of the vote.

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    they certainly seem to side with them against anyone who disagrees with the islamification of britain

    no doubt they will be willing to convert when the time is right......a natural end for appeasers

  • ?
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    That was on hell of a preamble for a simple question.

    By definition there are big holes in much that you say, however I would fight to prevent sharia law in this country.

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    Fascism = extreme right. It does not mean 'extreme political views'. Therefore, you can't have liberal fascists, it's an oxymoron.

  • 1 decade ago

    They behave like fascists.

    Sharia? Over my dead body.

  • 1 decade ago

    "far left fascists"

    The definition of fascism includes an anti-socialist and anti-liberal movement. "far left" and "fascists" are the complete opposite.

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