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Is Peyton Manning going to play all 4 quarters this Sunday? The Colts have top seed locked, why play him?

Jets fan here hoping the Colts aren't concerned with going 16-0

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    I like the Colts, but your team has a fair chance of beating the Colts even if Manning and all the starters play the entire game. Your D is very good and the Colts running game is 32nd in the league. Peyton is great, but sooner or later the Colts lack of a running game is gonna catch up to them.

    I'm picking the Jets over the Colts this weekend. In fact I don't even consider that to be my upset pick of the week. The Bears over the Vikings is my upset pick of the week.

    I still like the Colts to do well in the playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl. But, they don't need this game. So can your D keep Manning from running the score up early? That's the only question. Because if they can and your pass rushers can start getting after Peyton, I could see the Colts forgetting about going 16-0 and worrying about losing Peyton for the playoffs.

    Source(s): Any coach whose team has already won the #1 seed in their conference would be a fool to let his QB get beat up just so that they could say they went undefeated. Especially in the case of the Colts. Because without Peyton Manning, the Colts don't have an offense. This game is a playoff game for the Jets. So, they're gonna be knocking the snot out of people. Colts fans would never forgive Jim Caldwell if something would happen to Peyton Manning in this game. And don't for a minute think Caldwell hasn't thought of that.
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    It's not about going 16-0 because that's not an undefeated team. All the Colts players agree that it's the playoffs that matter. Peyton will play the entire game just like he did against Jacksonville. A few key reasons. Jim Sorgi is on injured reserve, meaning their backup qb Curtis Painter is more than likely not even sure about the playbook let alone good enough to give the Colts a chance. He was a late round draft pick this season. Secondly, the if you watched the game against Jacksonville, this one should be the same. I don't see the Colts torching the Jets, who need a win on Sunday, and finishing them off early. Therefore, Peyton will have to stay in just like he did against Jacksonville. Even with a 10 point lead, it won't be enough margin to take Peyton out. Most importantly, Peyton is still trying to perfect his timing with guys like Collie and Garcon, and maybe even let Donald Brown have a few carries. It's more important that the offense stays clicking, than letting them rest and missing a step come playoff time.

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    I think he will play most, if not all of the game. I know they have everything locked up but I think the players want to go 16-0. The players have said they want to play as much as possible, with Peyton Manning being one of them. I think for this week and next week he will play most of the games, and sit for some just because the Colts don't want him to get injured. But, they also don't want him to get rusty. He can play all of the last two games and use their first-round bye to rest. If you look back at the Patriots two years ago, they played all their starters in the final game of their 16-0 season.

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    See, the thing is the colts are in a groove right now and wouldnt want to mess up the flow that has guided them to 14-0 so far. However, losing one game could also be a benefit. The pressure of trying to go 19-0 can really screw with your mind, (Ask the patriots)

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    I was shocked to see Manning in the Jax game late. That tells me they will try to go 16-0. I think the Jets matchup well. Very good DB's and a power running game. Colts running offense and defense are both below average, if not terrible!

    If the Colts have a 14+ pts lead in the 2nd half I think he sits. If they are within 1 score (trailing less than 8) I see him playing!

    I don't see the colts getting out of the AFC. They have been outplayed on the field at least 4 times. I think both NE and SD can beat them. SD seems to have their number and they are rolling BIG time!

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    If being undefeated is that important then let them do it. I personally think the Colts should play Manning 2-3 quarters to keep him fresh. He doesn't need too much time off to get rusty.

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    We don't know for sure if he's going to start and how long he's going to play yet. Peyton Manning said in the past few days that he wants to play, so we'll have to wait and see what Caldwell does with him.

    If I was the head coach, I'd start him, and take him out in the 3rd quarter if they had a decent lead.

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    pondering their time table i could say 4 or 5 (Steelers in user-friendly terms narrowly defeated the Colts and the Bengals have been aided in a cave in which will possibly no longer have surpassed off with Peyton on the sphere)

  • if they can be 16-0 it's all about Manning

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    He'll play long enough to ensure the Colts will win...

    And sorry...but a team 2 wins away from an undefeated regular season is thinking about an UNDEFEATED regular season...*LOL*

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