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Whats Needs a little TLC Mean ?

This is a very nice 2dr Honda Civic, 5 speed, 19" rims, and runs and drives. Needs a little TLC but must sell !!! What does that mean and TLC ?

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    TLC stands for Tender Loving Care and usually means the car has not been kept up as to the cleanliness of the paint and the interior. Can mean anything from needing a complete new interior to a new paint job. I find that most people who slap that acronym on their ad drove it hard and neglected the upkeep.

    Source(s): Been repairing and restoring cars for over 50 years.
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    Tlc Honda Civic

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    Tender Love and Care

    means that small things need to be fixed

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    Tender Love and Care.

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    Tender loving Care

    means it needs some work, usually alot of little things

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    tender love & care

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    tender love and care

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    "Tender loving care" which is shorthand for "If you drive this thing hard, it's going to fall apart."

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