Holiday destination on the beach?????

I am looking for a holiday destination on the beach.

A hotel to stay in and it has to be right by the beach. Also would love the water to be warm and clear with white golden sand.

would like there to be kids clubs and evening entertainment.

Possibly somewhere in europe.

thank you

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    Do you want to go soon? How about Canary Islands? Today in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria 22 degrees, Fuerteventura 24 degrees. During the hot months of July and August, over 30 degrees.

    If you are taking your holiday in the summer months, anywhere in the Mediterranean or Adriatic seas - google a map for example choose a place, then google tourist information - you'll find lots of hotels listed.

    We liked the Algarve (we went to Alvor and Tavira) and south of France (Saintes Maries de la mer).

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    It is summertime in Brazil and the Northeast has some of the best beaches in the world. The Beach Park Resort in Fortaleza is right on the beach and is surrounded by a water park. Fortaleza is also a fantastic city which offers a lot of fun activities for the whole family.

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    Beirut - i understand the image is it is it isn't any longer risk-free yet it is SO incorrect. Beirut is the main suitable vacationer trip spot. The sea coast is astounding all in the time of Lebanon and much less high priced. night existence is loopy, I actually could no longer have confidence i grew to become into interior the middle East when I went to flow to final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Their night existence grew to become into expenditures #a million interior the international. in terms of historic past - they had the phoenician, greek, roman and Islamic civilizations bypass by using Lebanon and all have left ruins at the back of them. Shall I say greater? you could actually excursion all of Lebanon in 3 days. Their mountains are remarkable, exceptionally the Cedars. Culturally, it is between the main distinctive places you spot - you will discover the super classic, and the main open minded you will hit upon. some inns are particularly high priced yet we stayed in a single in Hamra area, it grew to become into much less high priced and the area grew to become into very helpful and classic. I incredibly incredibly propose it. additionally, in case you're only searching for sea coast and not lots custom, you could flow to Cyprus. it is much less high priced and their sea coast is helpful besides.

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    You won't get that kind of holiday in europe during the winter.You will need to travel to Asia Australia or the Caribbean to find this at this time of year

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    i will say los Angela its very nice up there i own a mansion in Beverly hills up there its very nice to swim up there. my puppy Sasha who is six months old loves the beach nice and white and clean. go there you will love it.

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    If you are planning to go in summer than I suggest...MALTA!

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