Tokio Hotel question: [Lurlene T?] What is the basis for thinking that Bill Kaulitz is the Antichrist?

I read an article on a geocities website some time ago by a lady named Lurlene Shores, and I didn't pay it much attention because I was quickly distracted by the link in the sidebar to a site claiming that God hates goths... but I asked a question and this afternoon she replied to my question saying a bunch of things about Tokio Hotel:

"The hotel refers to no steady life stead, meaning they cannot linger in one place long enough because they are not powerful enough"

"The band's original name was Devilish" (incorrect)

"There is no such thing as an 'innocent' Boy Band because they are part of every gay agenda"

"they influence the hormonal household of young girls... This aberration leads to shrieking and fainting spells among the all female audience, and ultimately, demonic possession."

"Going by the suspiciously conventional names of 'Bill' (rumored to be the Anti-Christ) and 'Tom' (the hell hound, see infra), both twins have boasted their Godlessness in interviews and claim to be their own religion."

"What Bill and Tom's true names are is every Christian's guess, but there is no mistake that they are Nephilim, the unholy offspring of a fallen angel and a human woman"

"Both are very tall and have unnaturally large hands, with Bill, the more powerful, towering over everyone in the band by a difference of at least ten inches"

"Barely eighteen, both twins have been covered for years in piercings (deliberately inflicted holes in various body parts) and tattoos they got by defying their elders, and have boasted getting drunk with the child welfare office, being wanted by the army, destroying private property, and taking the virginity of countless young girls, all before they graduated high school."

"Most sinister is that none of these girls were ever heard from again, as if the earth swallowed them up after they got too close to the hellish twins."

She also mentioned that Bill cursed Bushido and now he is in prison? And wrongly defined 'metro-sexual' and said that the twins have their hair like they do to hide horns, and mistakenly thinks that twincest is something that people actually believe... there is a lot more...

As you can tell, if you are a TH fan, a lot of the facts that the author has assumed are incorrect, I don't understand how you can come to the assumption that he is the Antichrist though... I really need that explained because I can't see anything demonic about him. I could find no contact info for Ms. Shores, and her profile is set so that no one can email her. I remember her adding me as a contact in September, so if you read this, Lurlene, I really would like to talk to you and correct you on some of the 'facts' you have used, and you can explain to me some of the things that you did not fully explain in your article. I mean this totally respectfully because as well as being a Tokio Hotel fan I also believe in God and although I'm not totally convinced of demonic possession I'd never touch an ouija board just in case... so I'm curious to understand where exactly you are coming from... because Bill Kaulitz, of the billions of people on earth, I don't understand why you have singled him out?

Either this is a weirdly specific elaborate boredom thing or you have some reason that I can't figure out...

So I guess my question is: Where is the proof to substantiate this claim?

BQ POLL: Do you think rock music is satanic?

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    This person has no idea what they are talking about lol.

    She or he doesn't even know them personally, she sounds crazy. o.O

    Just ignore this crazy person.

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    LOLZ At first I was pretty sure it was one of those things that haters make up when they're really bored but after reading it all she just sounds crazy. Yeah, a lot of the info is wrong. Sounds like badly done propaganda. She went a little overboard.

    "they influence the hormonal household of young girls... This aberration leads to shrieking and fainting spells among the all female audience, and ultimately, demonic possession."

    --this is not a sign of demonic possession, it only means the girls are super excited. That's it.

    * "Most sinister is that none of these girls were ever heard from again, as if the earth swallowed them up after they got too close to the hellish twins."

    * "the twins have their hair like they do to hide horns"


    Does BQ mean Big Question?

    I think some is and some isn't. Depends on the band and what they're singing about.

  • First off I'm pretty sure Bill isn't ten inches taller than the other guys in the band,,,MAYBE with his hair but that doesn't count. Second, unnaturally large hands?????? That's just mean. What if I said she had an unnaturally large amount of stupid in her body???

    Tom's cornrows don't hide horns, they're not big enough FYI. And this was just...weird and completely out of the blue. horns and girls never being heard from again WTF??

    BQ POLL: I don't think you could say that about rock music in general but I guess some might be. I've heard some rock christian music so there's you answer :))

    Source(s): my craaniumm :))
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    Clearly she has no life and is partially, or fully, insane in some way. honestly...i could write a book about how many wrong things (sorry i can't think of a better word..I'm really sick haa..) there are about what this person has written..but I'm not going to (unless she somehow posts more nonsense on here and it pisses me off more..) because i feel crappy and it's unnecessary.

    Ignore her and her unjust and blatantly ridiculous claims. Just another hater with nothing better to do.

    BQ: No..but in all honesty i used to think metal/hardcore/deathcore had qualities of being..satanic. From what I've seen the songs are usually about something involving violence and nothing good really comes from them..But I learned that it's just another form of expression and although some can individually be doesn't necessarily mean all of it is. A lot of it is actually Christian metal..which seems sort of ironic seeing as the common misconceptions I had are typical among most people who don't listen to that genre.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, so she's basically saying...rock music and people that listen to rock music are against God? I really don't understand, I was brought up along the lines of Christianity and I was told nothing about this. Like I always say to my Mum, a lip piercing may freak you out now, but when I'm older, my generation will be used to it. Tattoos and piercings are normal to people now days! Apart from grandparents and stuff. When insulted AC/DC I got very angry, but it's nothing compared to whats coming across the ocean to youth now? What does this even mean?!

    This woman is making my head hurt, is she just against rock music and rock fans?

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    Yea of course Bill and Tom's hairstyles are for hiding their horns. o_O

    That's maybe the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my life!

    If demons were as gorgeous as Bill and Tom, girls would be happy to go to hell.

    Blah, all we can do to this woman is only LAUGH at her because all she has written is non-sense, she doesn't have a proof for that!! She doesn't have a ****** proof!!!


    BQ poll: No effing way! But i know someone who does.... My mom! heheh. She has a problem with my musics. xD

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    Does she know anything about them? obvoiusly not. I don't think Bill and Tom are that religious, based on the song Beichte, and this interview

    Youtube thumbnail


    but they don't at all seem anti-christ. I think that everyone believes or has faith in something, and for a lot of people it is a god, and that is a good thing, but for others it is something else, they might not be able to put a name to it... at times I think there is something, and I am atheist...

    BQ: I don't think any music is Satanic, mostly because I don't believe in Satan, but also because music is an expression of people's thoughts and feelings... TH is NOT satanic.

    EDIT: Callisto! I am sitting in the SILENT study area at the library, and your answer made me burst out laughing. shame on you... but thank's for the laugh xD

  • 1 decade ago

    this is completely ridiculous. I'm Christian and have never even thought about some of this cr*p. Hell, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "Nephilim". why does this person have to single out Bill and Tom? and who cares if they ahve piercings and tattoos? my sister has nearly 5 piercings on her ear and one on her belly button, and two tattoos; i don't see people calling her satanic and whatnot. this person seriously needs to find the right facts and get a life. i mean seriously, is she on crack or something? i think she is. :P

    BQ Poll: Hell no! I mean, i do think some metal/screamo music is a bit out there, but i don't think any music is satanic. i think music is music :)

  • 1 decade ago

    i laugh at how people say they are a boy band. Boy bands just sing, all of them and other randoms make instruments work for them. like the backstreet boys for example. Nobody called Bullet for my valentine a boyband or Niavra because they played harder music. But still TOKIO HOTEL is not a boyband! they are just a band with realllyyyyyyyyyyyyy smexxxxxy members!

    and i agreee with the answer above, I wanna know what shes been smoking xD

    BQ: i have no clue what that means..

  • how does being tall with 'unnaturally large hands' make you the son of a fallen angel??

    she sounds like she could trial a few witches...

    she scares me... heaps of my friends are really religious, and none of them think there is anything wrong with TH, but honestly.... hair to hide horns? I thought this kind of stuff died with the Middle Ages?

    BQ POLL: um... no.

  • 1 decade ago

    She is obviously a hater i am religious and my parents are very strong Christians but they have hear me listening to TH all the time. (cause i blast there music in room)they do not care at all. yeah i agree with like everyone that most of it i bet is untrue!!!!!!! can i go beet the crap out of her?

    BQ: NO!!!!!!!

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