Any good FREE UK geneology websites?

or a good free way to locate relatives in th UK?

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    There are many free genealogy websites, and others where you may search for free but you have to pay to see the full record. Ideally, you want to get back about 100 years from family knowledge so that you can look for your ancestors in the 1911 census (the most recent one available). Otherwise you will have to work backwards from birth, marriage and death certificates.

    So talk to all your relatives, ask to see old photographs, records of birth, baptism, death and marriage, family Bibles, funeral service sheets, etc, and make copies. Find out where all your deceased relatives are buried, visit the graves, transcribe the information on the gravestones and take photographs. If you don't know where people are buried or are unable to visit the graves, you may find them on

    Too many of us family historians regret not questioning the oldies closely before they popped their clogs, so get all the names, dates and places you can and then check these against the official records. Then work back one generation at a time, using birth/baptism, death/burial and marriage records, and the census.

    The national indexes of birth, marriage and death up to about 1930 can be searched at Civil registration was introduced in England and Wales on 1st July 1837, although registration of births was not compulsory until 1875. It is estimated that up to 50% of births may be missing in the early years - on the other hand most deaths and marriages were registered. Search more recent indexes at, or on microfiche at your County Record Office, central library, or LDS Family History Centre. Some local registration offices are putting their indexes online at

    When you have found the right entry in the index, the birth, marriage or death certificate costs £7 when ordered online from the General Register Office:-

    The census returns for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911 are held at the National Archives at Kew, and the census images and transcriptions can be accessed via the links on their website:- Only the 1881 census is available free online, all the others are on paid sites although it is free to search the indexes. Volunteers are transcribing the other censuses to make them freely available and this site has completed some counties for some years:-

    On the free LDS site you can search the 1881 census, and the International Genealogical Index (IGI) which is a large collection of extracts from parish registers. Many more records can be searched on microfilm or fiche at your local LDS Family History Centre - find out where the nearest one is from their website. You can also download the family history program Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for free.

    Before 1837, the only records of the main life events of our ancestors will be found in the parish registers of baptism, marriage and burial. Churches still keep these registers but usually deposit the old ones for safekeeping with the County Record Office where they can be searched on microfilm/fiche. These two free sites are in process of putting parish registers online:- and

    You might like to search the free World Connect project to see if anyone has already done research on your ancestors (view these trees with caution as much of the 'research' is suspect - verify anything you find online by consulting the original records before incorporating the data into your family tree):-

    If you want more, these are directories of genealogical resources with links to websites, some of which will be free:-

    Genuki has a page for each county where you can locate the County Record Office where the parish records will be held, and other resources for that county.


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