MAILER-DAEMON Virus problems??HELP?

I was on face-book today at 4:30 pm doing a relative app and the my page closed and it said "warning! your computer has a virus!" and offered some free service protection software. I declined it and everything was fine. So I ran a virus check with MY own virus protection. And when i went to go check my e-mails i deleted spam, checked new, and refreshed the page. the i got an e-mail that said it was from 1 minute ago. it was from "" they even spelled "Demon" wrong...and the subject said "Failure Notice" I didn't want another virus so i deleted the e-mail without reading it...and now im kinda scared that my computer is at risk...

Any advice? 10 points to best answer...Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, DAEMON is the correct spelling for what you're seeing. That message indicates a problem detected at another computer that received an email from you. The MAILER-DAEMON is the special program that handles emails.

    Not to worry.

  • 1 decade ago is a trusted email. It is yahoo's own mail system notifier to notify you if your email was not successfully sent. That is why the title was Failure Notice. And DAEMON is spelled DAEMON not demon.

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