Verizon phone upgrade... Samsung Rogue or LG enV TOUCH?

Right now I have the LG EnV 2. Not a bad phone but a few things bug me about it. Some of the front keys don't work anymore, it unlocks in my pocket, and when someone calls and it is in my pocket it picks up. I am due in January for an upgrade. I want to rule out the EnV 3 unless there is an option to be required to open the phone to accept calls and not just press send on the outside. Or is there an option on the EnV 2 to do that also?

I think I have it narrowed down to the two phones above. I don't like the Samsung Alias 2 or the new Chocolate Touch. I also don't want to shell out for a data plane but I want to upgrade to the Connect plan. Right now I just have the $39.99 talk plan with the added text option for $9.99 a month. Which phone do you think is the better overall phone? Or is there I phone coming out in the next month or two I should wait for?

Please don't tell me to get an iPhone. I already have a Touch and I have delt with AT&T service in my area. I want to stay with Verizon.


Add the LG Versa in there too. That phone looks interesting.

I thought with these three phones I could upgrade my plan to the "Connect" plan for $69.99 a month. That included unlimited data. I thought it would work with these three phones. I thought the seperate data plan ($29.99 a month) was extra for PDA/Blackberry phones which is why I wanted to eliminate the Droid and a Blackberry.

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    lg env touch is your best bet. i've had samsungs before and they are rarely responsive and do not work efficiently. as for the versa, i suggest you evaluate the versa by visiting it at a verizon store and trying it out there. it depends on your tastes, you know? the versa and the env touch are still regardlessly great phones.

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    Both the Rogue and the EnvTouch require data plans. If you look at the description for the Env Touch, and for the Rogue, both state that a data plan or a Nationwide plan are required. You cannot use either of those phones on just a talk and text plan. Unless you are going to upgrade your plan along with your phone, neither of these phones is for you.

    When you are eligible for an upgrade, if you are registered with, you can click on "upgrade my phone" and it will show you phones you are eligible to upgrade to. It will also state which phone is compatible with your current plan, and which require changes in your plan.

    If you are staying with a plan that is just talk and text, stick with a phone designed for talk and text, not one with all the bells and whistles that you don't plan to use.

    Edit: The Connect plan is considered a Nationwide plan. So if you plan to upgrade your current plan to a Connect plan, that would cover your data needs.

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    why not get a blackberry or the new droid? otherwise i would say to get the lg env 3

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    I would get the env touch it has a great keyboard and the touchscreen is is very sensitive though

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