Has anyone ever heard of this, like a victim of a cult of brainwashing liars?

I am just wondering, have you ever heard of any cult type things, religious, satanic or otherwise, that kind of try to brainwash people? Like, Maybe "brand" or label , or even go out of their way to set the victim up for things over a long period of time, and then brainwash them into thinking that they are what they possibly frame or make them out to be, possibly by cyberstalking, bullying/scare tactics to keep the target or victim under control, and things like that? Or just attempt to drive them nuts? Something like this, that I found on a website:

"A remarkable thing about cult mind control is that it's so ordinary in the tactics and strategies of social influence employed. They are variants of well-known social psychological principles of compliance, conformity, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, framing, emotional manipulation, and others that are used on all of us daily to entice us: to buy, to try, to donate, to vote, to join, to change, to believe, to love, to hate the enemy. "

Also, I am from the town of Mt.Sinai, NY. Being as this name was presumably taken from the Bible, has anyone ever heard of this area being involved with cults or something like that? Just curious.


Also, I didn't intend to start any kind of religious debate, I only bring that up since I have heard of people that use it as a scapegoat or excuse to do these type of things. I think that I have to kind of agree with Century though, things like that just don't seem right.

Update 2:

British Shorthair, who is this guy with the ball and stick thing, I haven't heard anything about that?

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    ...truly reminds me of bible study - eventually was asked to leave...thanks for asking...

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    Sociologically, a cult is merely a group of people with ideas which are radically different from the mainstream. They often seem very strange to the rest of us, but that is just their take on reality, and if they are sincere, then our take would seem just as extreme to them.

    Some thinkers have pointed out that what we accuse cults of, is common in everyday life. We were indoctrinated in school, the mass media feed us subtle messages, religion brainwashes us, etc. For example, half the world seems really excited by the sexual exploits of a man who is famous for hitting a little ball into a hole with a stick. That has got to be really weird!!

    There are some extreme groups who use explicit mind-control techniques, and you can find lots of examples on the internet, because people are interested in them so much.

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    No. I never heard of cult groups or anything satanic. However, I witness in my everyday life all your are describing in normal groups: wherein you have liars who brainwash their victims without being organized as a cult. They lie to their victim, then pretend to be good to the victim, then little by little start the torture: slowly but surely. The victim becomes the scapegoat for everything.

    If the victim tries to rebel, everything goes havoc, because the roles are not followed any longer, but no one among those who victimize their prey wants to abandon their function and role.

    So, in fact, the victim plays an active part in being the victim, partaking into this victimization. Yet once a scapegoat, it is difficult to be anything else. It takes a lot of power to be able to get out of the scapegoat part.

    So, although cults exist, they are not necessary to do what you have described.

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    You are right. And all 'religions' are merely cults. They get to the very youngest.. and kids are very.. very impressionable. They are brainwashed from the get go..

    The absolute worst horror ever perpetrated upon earth was and remains: 'religion' - belief in.. nothing..!!

    This so-called 'religion' has resulted in never ending wars.. killing.. poverty. People are controlled. Dumbed down. Science and progress are repressed.. over and over and over. It is very sad. It is very sick.

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    Yes, Rev. Jim Jones

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    no longer for me. I quite tend to have an "it fairly is what it fairly is" view of issues. i do no longer attempt to make excuses or rationalize my thoughts or ideals. Emotion taints certainty way too lots once you enable it to. to illustrate, i prefer to distance myself from the JW business enterprise lots that i'm keen to alter ALL my ideals. yet that does no longer mean i'm immediately going to start believing in the trinity or believing in human beings having immortal souls. I nonetheless want certainty, and that i bypass by way of what data the Bible provides, because of the fact no longer each thing is spelled out for us in in "black and white" in the scriptures. like it or no longer, I nonetheless believe a number of what the JWs taught me, a minimum of until learning and examining the Bible extra tells me in any different case. one element I do have that JWs do no longer is the liberty to welcome different individuals's ideas and interpretations of the Bible. i don't experience I had to "deprogram" myself the place it fairly is worried. This got here clearly to me. i understand that many have had a complicated time attempting to deprogram, and that i believe for them. i think I would desire to be grateful. For me it replaced into like walking out into the mild and a funky breeze after being caught interior a windowless construction for an prolonged, long term. i will on no account seem decrease back... 2 Corinthians 3:17 (LITV) "And the Lord is the Spirit; and the place the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

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    you dont kinda try to brainwash people ... you all are brainwashed everyone is brainwashed..and what are all rocknrollstars doing to everyone????i hate the BIBLE.. yes we know what you are trying to say if thats any form of comfort to us all... well if all computors did not exist it wouldnt make anyone upset.. theres alotta JESUS CHRIST IN ALL COMPUTORS.. and we hate 666 you must be young cause weve heard about cults our entire life.. have not heard of any in your area persay but is there money in your area? then theres cults in your area satans everywhere he chewed the usa up and spit it out.. he chewed the world up and spit it out .. obviously theres computors in your area ..the entire world is computorized.. HAVE A BLESSED DAY..JESUS. all souls believe in GOD..i just noticed beavis and butthead and i hate them and i hate all tv sets..

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    the government now knows how to brainwash people but its not religous, they have this badass machine.

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    no i have to look into that sounds interesting

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