How to build up more muscle?

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im 16, and a very skinny build. over the last few years ive put on a bit of muscle, and im apparently "toned". but this isn't good enough, i race mountain bikes, and more
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  • J. H. answered 4 years ago
Yes, it's genetics but have you tried Whey Protein? eating loads of meat isn't really good for you (Saturated Fats) and maybe some other stuff too. Why Protein is designed to help you build muscle. Plus there is a lot of other benefits from Whey ... it also curbs appetite so you won't eat as much.

The problem with Whey is that it's expensive but I recommend getting a container and making protein shakes for about a month and see what it does for you.

Cut out the meat (not entirely but most) and get other sources of protein. There's Soy, Nuts, Yogurt, eggs, and seafood.

Another thing you can do is add more weight to strength training. low weight with many reps are for toning muscle. high weight with low reps are for building muscle bulk.


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thanks man :)
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