Will Lady Gaga and "Weird Al" Yankovic produce a record together now that it's known they are related?

Since the latest news that Lady Gaga announced that Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic was her biological father, and that she was actually born Stefani Joanne Angelina Yankovic and not Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta as original known, do you think that their will be a father /daughter album coming out, and a tour to follow? Sort of a "joke" reunion album/tour? I'm bet they could pull off some crazy duets.

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    I should have known they were related - they both got similar penises.

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    I think it's just a scam.

    The only duet I know of that "Weird Al" made was back in 1983 with Tress MacNeille the song "Ricky" (a parody of Toni Basil's "Mickey" based upon the 1951-1960 TV show "I Love Lucy" with Yankovic as Ricky and MacNeille as Lucy). It's also the first song on Yankovic's debut album.

    Also, Yankovic has been married since 2001 and fathered a daughter named Nina since 2003. Lady Gaga was born in 1986; just a few years after Yankovic was beginning his musical career.

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    I believe there already is a duet of some sort. A friend of mine told me last night that he was watching Lady G. playing her dads flute. Some sort of video that is going to be leaked.

    But it's one of those viral videos, apparently the whole thing is staged and will be released to the internet right before Weird Al's new album is released.

    I don't know oif this is all true or not, but my friend works for the biggest record company, so I think he probably knoes about this. He said there would be a tour that built on the videos success, with the theme following that of a Tijuana Donkey show, although all her stuff would have to be pre-recorded since she'll be performing with her mouth full.

    I can't wait for that tour though, I hope Weird Al plays AMISH PARADISE, it's my favorite! he is soooo funy!

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    4 years ago

    Nooooo weird al did not die! If he were to die I would have to! There was a hoax going around someone had said that he was dead! It was all just a hoax! If your ever skeptical just go to his twitter he tweets a lot ! I didn't believe it for a second! Just like Michael Jackson you can't believe anything you hear on a magazine or anybody else you have to hear it from a family member or from the source ! I don't think he'll die anytime soon!!

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  • 5 years ago

    They are not related in anyway! It's just some tabloid rumor! Please don't believe anything you see or hear from tabloid or news unless it's from weird al himself! It isn't true ! Though lady gaga isn't his daughter he does have a daughter named Nina yankovic but that's it !

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    I live by mantra 'no News is good News.' this isn't always the case, what with the government infrenging on my rights and always taking my money i made. my daughter likes lady GaGa to much, i belive and this News should make her stop. i dont approve of women with penises as roll models. even if shes wierd als daughter and he made gangstars paradise amish i dont like her a bit.

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    I don't think they will actually do any recordings together. It is my understanding that it will be more of a Billy Ray/Miley relationship where he will be on set and perhaps help with the writing and production, but will keep more of a "behind the scenes" roll in her career with only the occasional cameo for duet.

    Source(s): My friend is bff with Perez
  • 1 decade ago

    i love Weird al but i hate Lady Gaga such an attention seeker..

    anyways i do sure hope no song/album is coming out well anyways dosn't matter much to me not a huge fan anyways of Weird Al either way i won't be buying it!

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    You've got to be kidding. Weird Al has been around for decades, and is still well known and respected in the industry. Lady Gaga is a talentless hack that everyone will forget about in 2 years.

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    Weird Al is not Lady Gaga's father you dumbo. No.

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