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my bf has an old (dropped) domestic assault charge against him, im unsure of what 'domestic assault' is?

my boyfriend has a domestic assault charge against him (well it was dropped), he told me that he got in a fight with his ex girlfriends father and her mother hit him over the head with something and jumped on his back and he pushed her off his back, and they called the cops. I thought domestic assault was only for boyfriend-girlfriend, spouse assaults, not family. especially since they didn't live in the same household. or is that domestic violence?


its been 4 years ago. he found out his girlfriend was cheating and confronted her and she said 'i dont have to listen to this' and called her parents and they came over yelling & carrying on and saying crap about him and her father pushed him and he went after him and they both did damage to one another.

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    Domestic assault is physical violence against a domestic partner.

    A domestic partner is someone you are married to, you live with or used to live with, or someone you share a child with.

    That would include not only girlfriends/boyfriends, but parents, brothers and sisters, and anyone else you shared an address with.

    It is possible the officers were unclear about the living arrangements, and that is why the charges were dropped. It is also possible you are not getting the entire story from your boyfriend.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
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    Just because the charges were dropped doesn't mean he won't do it again! Usually once a man hits a woman (regardless of what she did to him) he'll likely do it again. Be careful.

    The only difference between assault and violence is the damage done to the other person.

    If a person (regardless of sex) hits you, whatever you do, do NOT retaliate because then you will be charged also. The idea is for you to keep your cool and not hit/push/shove back. In other words, do not lay a finger on that person. This way you can press charges of assault. If both parties get involved, both parties will be charged with assault regardless of who started it. This is the law.

    I'd consider keeping this relationship. The idea is that he did it once, who is to say it won't happen again? Do you want to take that chance? The decision is up to you. He'll talk and keep saying, "the charges were dropped." Makes no difference - he acted upon someone.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Nurse who has seen so much domestic assault/violence and the wife of a police officer.
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    Apart from you wasting every bodies time the police no longer require you to proceed with the matter, also its a pity you and your BF did not do the talking prior to him assaulting you and you reporting him, you do not seem to have any self respect for yourself he should have thought about his military school and college before assaulting you and also showing he has no place in military school as he obviously cannot control himself. Personally i hope he gets convicted and is jailed there are too many incidents of domestic violence some which end badly. I do not understand when you say " i heard his side of the story" so its ok he assaulted you? or is it the part where he did not mean it, he loves you and it will never happen again? he´s been caught you have reported him he´s been charged and he is now doing what all cowards like him do which is play the " it will never happen again card" he used violence against you and that is all you need to know are you willing to risk it again like others have to their misfortune. He needs to learn a lesson and that is keep his hands to himself, have respect for yourself and let the courts deal with him, like i said he should have thought about military school and college before embarking on using violence against you

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    domestic violence is any violent act in a residence that involves anyone whom is suposed to be there... i.e invited persons, partners, spouses, family...etc.

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    Domestic means family, so what he describes may well be true.

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    wow - you're clearly dating a winner.

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