What should i get my geeky boyfriend for our 2yr anniversary?

It will soon be our 2yr anniversary on Feb. 1 and i have no idea what to get for him. He is very into computers and music. he plays many different instruments but his parents own a music store otherwise i would get him music stuff. I don't know what guys usually like for gifts so i hope someone can hep. THANKS!

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    gift card

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    prepare dinner him a tremendous dinner. Then in the previous he gets abode, get your hair and make up all carried out and placed on a lot of his famous fragrance. Then slip right into a pair of black extreme heeled open toe pumps, and placed on no longer something different than a short apron. Be waiting on the door for him. Undress him and supply him some stable lovin, yet don;t enable him end, until eventually finally after dinner and he cleans up--inclusive of your help. If he would not advise to you interior of a week, sell off him. 2 years is long adequate.

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    Get him a Livio Pandora Radio. It has over 11,000 stations with Pandora account access allowing him to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down via the radio or remote control. The radio will then play only the music he likes based on his thumb feedback.

    Very cool!

    Requires high speed Wi-Fi or ethernet connection.


    Go to EBAY for a better price from the same company.

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    I was about to say a Fender Stratocaster until you said his parents own a music store.

    We like things we can use and things that lasts.

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  • Well geeky covers a vast array of things but depending on what denomination of geek he is you should look for stuff that reminds you of him something like that i guess!

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    i think you should check out firebox, they have great and unusual gifts for everyone! i'm always buying stuff off there, they will never let you down! highly recommended! good luck and happy anniversary! :)

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    You can get him anything like a huge bear saying i love you, clothes, shoes, and computer stuff.

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    if he owns up to being geeky, like he knows he is, then give him like a giant "i love you!" calculator lol. if he denies being geeky then make him a mixed cd of songs you both like and that relate to your relationship.

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    something personal to remind him of you a memory you shared on a digital photo frame perhaps?

    answer mine plz

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    a handmade coupon labled "free trip to best buy with your favorite gf ever!"

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