How to tell my parents im Depressed?


I am really depressed. With alot of stuff. First, I get picked on/ Bullied at my school. I'm not really skinny. So they tease me. My parents say stuff like "You really shouldnt be eating." or "Its to late to eat and stuff. Nobody seems to like me. My friends stab me in the back. I cut myself. I even think about suicide. It seems that i was a mistake. And the worse part is, My parents think i am happy. They fuss and yell at me. And they think i am happy. Im really sick of living. I tried to get help, without them knowing but its hard. They think i am so happy. That i have alot of friends. They dont know i cut. So this will be hard for me. I know i really need help. But i cant get it because im scared to tell them.


I'm afraid to tell my teachers/counselor. Because they wouldn't ever think i am who i am.....

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    Look and see if your school has a guidance counselor. Most of them are really nice.

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    I was diagnosed with moderate depression. But I have never considered death or cutting. But I sometimes wonder why I'm always second best to everyone. I know how you feel on the inside in my own way. I think you just need to sit down and have a talk with your parents and just come out and say I need help. And I've seen the other answers have guidance counselors down as options. That is a great idea too. Do anything you can think of to get help but, I think that telling your parents is the most important thing. Because you won't be going through it alone and they can support you. Maybe the doctor can put you on depression medication. That's what mine did and mine has a food suppressor in it. So maybe that could help too. I really hope I've helped because life is too short to live it miserably.

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  • First off don't tell ur teachers or counselor because they are required to tell (I've been there). And second of all, you need to tell ur parents so they can get u some help. I understand,completely. I've been emotionally abused everyday, constantly and I don't want anything like what happened to me, happen to you. I was so afraid to tell my parents because of the relationship I have with them (it's Terrible). I knew something was wrong, but never spoke a word. Well one morning I decided I had enough and without saying s word, I overdosed taking around 60 asprin. I didn't recurve hospital till 8 hours later when I started throwing blood up. The charcoal wouldn't stay down, it tasted awful, and I had to drink 4 full cups of it. I was also dehydrated ant not allowed to have water or ice and I wanted it sooo badly. They told me I still had a chance of dying, and if I made it, I would more than likely be put on kidney dialysis and catheters the rest of my life. I had to have a catheter for more than 24 hours when I got transfered to a more advanced hospital an hour away in the ICU for more than 3 days. Thankfully I didn't have to be put on anything and made it, without ulcers, also. I don't want anything like my situation to ever happen to you, you don't deserve it! Not to mention going to a mental hospital after I was stable, were I am now in therapy. A whole lot more things happened because I would never speak a word. So start off by telling your parents that you need to talk with them and to let you know when they aren't busy. Let them know as soon as possible. If they don't want u to recieve help, tell them ur scared. You can do this! So please tell them, that's the next very hard step, a mistake I made. Good Luck! You can do it! I hope you feel better.

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    First off, I want to let you know that you are in no way alone. I was so depressed when I was a teen, living with my mother. There was no way I could have told her, because she was the kind of person who didn't care. However, I did go to councilors at school and they were able to help me quite a bit. I think talking to them is a great place to start, and then they can point you in the right direction. Please don't give up. You are not alone, and things will get better. I never thought they would for me, but they have. There are also medications if needed, but I would focus on speaking with someone first. They understand that it's not easy and they will work with you. If needed, write things down before going in so you know what you'd like to discuss. That helped me quite a bit.

    Good luck and check out the websites below, they may just help you as well:

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    Tell your parents your depress. Tell them why your depress. If you dont know why you depress it might be because you have nothing to worry about and you get depress. All you need is some family around and friends. People who support you and make you feel good. Stop being at home and go out more have fun with life.It does sound kinda hard to tell your parents but maybe you just feel alone and feel like no one cares. Your parents do.

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    Please you don't honestly want 2 kill yourself do u? I understand that maybe things seem pretty bad but you can't just give up! Everyones lives have a special meaning and a special purpose and there's a reason behind everything that happens to you. Were meant to grow and become stronger people through experiencing things, even though they may not be happy experiences. But after everything you become strong. It may seem that your all alone and that no one cares but they do. Please don't throw your life away, take a little time and think about what you could use your life for because if you live without a purpose than that is why you are finding it so hard! Please life is the most precious gift there is! Make sure you live your life to the fullest!!

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    I have dealt with depression for years and I can tell you first hand nobody knows what you are going through unless they have ever had it. I know it must be hard to be bullied and feel like nobody understands. You need to calmy speak with your parents and let them know whats going on. Its not healthy to go untreated. You and your parents need to come up with a plan to get help. If talking with them doesn't work try an adult that you trust. I am hoping everything goes ok for you.

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    I went through the same **** as you man. People used to bully me to and try to break me. I thought of suicide as well. i learned to take **** from no body espically pussy bullys. im not saying to fight the/them bullies but show your not to be ****** around with. if you say **** back or push back they will stop. And about tellin your parents.. tell them whats going on at school and why/ how your depressed they will understand and dont let anybody tell you about your weight. You are who you are you cant change that. if your friends back stab you they arent you friends. friends care about you let your so called "friends" go and get ones that you like and show you some respect. dont respect no one that dont respect you. i was so depressed a couple times a od'ed twice once on sleepin pills then got alcohol poisining.

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    You need to be like I need to talk to you then sit them down and tell them that you are depressed and you just don't feel right and sometimes you think about suicide. You don't need to be all dramatic or anything just tell them how it is. I hope they understand. Tell them you think you need to get help. Also, if you get help, be careful about the meds they may put you on because some of them make depression worse when it is supposed to be better. Please stop cutting and don't commit suicide. Nothing in life is worth that. You are worth it and just keep looking up. :)

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    Write a list of things YOU'D like to improve about yourself & write why.

    Then, write a list of things that are making you unhappy.

    Evaluate them & make a goal list to improve your overall life!

    I know how addicting cutting can be, but to grow up, you have to face your issues & emotions.

    These aren't hard things to fix- at all!

    & if your parents are suggesting that you not eat late, or too much, it's just because they're looking out for you & want you to be healthy! They aren't trying to hurt your feelings, though I know (from experience) it's a sensitive subject to talk about.

    The best way to burn off extra calories & to make friends is to join a sports team! Don't be scared to try out!

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    You need to set up a family-meeting type thing, even if your family isn't in that. Just tell them that they need to talk with you after work to discuss everything. After wards, explain yourself. Explain how you feel, why you act certain ways, and if they can help you by sending you to a psychiatrist.

    You might be afraid to tell them you're hurting yourself, but if you don't, then you're really not trying to seek their help. You need to show them the cuts. They'll be very inclined to helping you after seeing them, and they'll probably treat you better and work with you.

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