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Should WWE bring back the Cruiserweight Title? Plus, YWSE Special Edition Post...Impact!!!?

First off, please check out the new YWSE Impact Theme:

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YWSE General Managers Paul Heyman & Vickie Guerrero are in the ring.

Heyman: "Ladies and Gentleman, first off, I just want to mention how great our Holiday Havoc Special Event went. Congratulations to all the winners!

Guerrero: "Let's get things straight. Heyman and myself don't usually see eye to eye, but on this we do agree. So we have a huge announcement to make. Paul Heyman and myself have decided to hold an impromptu draft. To make things more interesting in YWSE, starting now, these are the new rosters for each brand."

Heyman:"The following people are on the permanently on the Impact roster:

-The Living Legacy- YWSE World Heavyweight Champion

- Rock N'Wrestling Connection

- The Raven Effect

- Da D3aDmAn

- Clark W

- Superior Quality- YWSE United States/British Champion

- Charlie Scene

- Crazy Mother Punker- YWSE Extreme Champion

- Stewie

- Psycho Dude

- Fabian Phenom

- Christians #1 Peep- YWSE Tag-Team Champion

- Silent Bob

- Undisputed Jerichoholic

- Avalanche

- Fallen Diablo- New Talent

- Ultimate RKO- New Talent

- Amie- YWSE Knockouts Champion

- Dana

- Edgehead

- Ms. Lol

- Clarice

Guerrero: "The following people are not permanently on the Smackdown Roster:

- The Dragon- YWSE Champion

- The Legacy Continues

- Deadman 4 Life

- Smackdown Hotel

- Worlds Biggest Hardy Fan- YWSE Intercontinental Champion

- Graduation Bear

- E&C Connection

- Beerad- YWSE X-Division Champion

- Davis Champion

- Goldberg- YWSE Tag-Team Champion

- Shayan Hardy

- Rohit

- Shelton Benjamin

- Christian Daniels- New Talent

- The Twister- New Talent

- Emily- YWSE Womans Champion

- Sara Doublement

- JamieRKO

- Aries

- DXlover

- Lady Jane

Heyman: "Now that this is settled, let's get on with the show, these are the matches for tonight's YWSE Impact:


Match 1: Debut Match-

Fallen Diablo vs UltimateRKO

Match 2: #1 Contender Match for the YWSE Extreme Championship-

Fabian Phenom vs Silent Bob

Match 3: #1 Contender Match for a FUTURE Knockouts Championship Match- Triple Threat

- Clarice vs Edgehead vs Ms. Lol

Match 4: Tag-Team Match

The Raven Effect & Crazy Mother Punker (c) vs Psycho Dude & Undisputed Jericho

Match 5: Match Per Request-

Amie (c) vs Dana

Match 6: #1 Contender Match for the YWSE United States/British Championship

Stewie vs Charlie Scene vs Rock N'Wrestling Connection

Main Event: Champion vs Champion

The Living Legacy (c) vs Superior Quality (c)

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    No, too many titles as it is




    TRE & CMP




    PROMO: As your YWSE British Champion, the very fabric of my title has now changed, instead of American flags on it, it now has UK flags, especially a Scottish flag planted on there 3 times to know I'm the toughest SOB to come from Scotland

    Now, I see your likes of YWSE, TLL is your YWSE Champion, your World Heavyweight Champion, if I'm right, now, his like is that of a puppy, defenceless, lying in wait for the pain coming towards him, I will not harm a puppy in this tale but I will do this, TLL, your mental stability is of a puppy, doesn't know which way is up, doesn't know where to go, it's left defenceless at it's very own will, it's doing nothing, I will show YWSE just why I'm the superior Champion of this fed, not like your Dragon's, Beerad's or CMP's, I am my own man destined for heights unparallel to kids ruining your fed, Mr. Owner, I beg of you, please, do not feed kids with titles, they abuse them, they treat their titles like rubbish because they are Americans who do not know better

    As YWSE's British Champion, I bring prestige and dignity to all titles, even though I'm holding only one, I bring YWSE to life with my records of past achievements and I will liven up this place with my talents, there's no doubting greatness when you see it and you're looking at greatness like no other! Superior by force, quality at it's very best!

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    Damn Yahoo! The matches will be there tomorrow, but here they are, just so that you can be aware:

    Match 1: YWSE Debut Match

    Fallen Diablo vs UltimateRKO

    Match 2: #1 Contender Match for the YWSE Extreme Championship

    Fabian Phenom vs Silent Bob

    Match 3: #1 Contender Match for a Future Shot at the YWSE Knockouts Championship

    Clarice vs Edgehead vs Ms. Lol

    Match 4: Tag-Team Match

    The Raven Effect & Crazy Mother Punker (c) vs Psycho Dude & Undisputed Jericho

    Match 5: Match Per Request

    Amie (c) vs Dana

    Match 6: #1 Contender Match for the YWSE British (United States) Championship

    Stewie vs Charlie Scene vs Rock N'Wrestling Connection

    Main Event: Champion vs Champion

    The Living Legacy (c) vs Superior Quality (c)

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  • D4L™
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    Match 1: FD

    Match 2: Fabian Phenom

    Match 3: Ms. Lol

    Match 4: PD and UJ

    Match 5: Amie

    Match 6: RNW

    Main Event: SQ

    Great show! 9/10


    Ever since I have debuted in this company, I have been an Impact superstar. I have been with this brand since the very beginning, and if I say so myself, I have made an impact here. I have been the World Champion of this brand, and I have represented Impact in the brand vs brand supremacy wars. But due to the impromptu draft by the General Managers, I am forced to leave and go to the place I have always been at odds with - SmackDown.

    I may not have seen this coming, but I will make the most of this unexpected situation. This does not change a thing. All this means is that I have a new place to leave my mark, a new place to dominate and annihilate, and new place to make an impact. SD will no longer be considered the B show of this company. . . with me and other new superstars, we will make it the A show.

    So champions of SD, whether you are the X-Division, Intercontinental, or The Dragon, YWSE Champion himself, let me put you all on notice. I'm coming, and that means your title reigns are in jeopardy. Be on your guard. I will strike at any moment. . .

    Good bye Impact, it's time for me to make SmackDown my new home.

    (Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

    WQ: Yes! Definitely! There are so many talented superstars out there that will not be taken seriously by the fans because of their size. The fans are used to the giants that dominate the company. People like Evan Bourne will not be looked as a serious World Title contender. So him and all the other talented "small" guys need a title to go after, someway to show the audience that they can wrestle, and they are good. That it's not about the size of the dog but about the size of the fight in the dog.

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    WQ: Yes, the WWE definitely needs to bring the Cruiserweight Championship. There are a lot of lightweight wrestlers that are stuck jobbing in useless matches every week because there is nothing else to do with them. Chavo Guerrero is in a lame storyline with Hornswoggle, Evan Bourne is in pointless matches every week, when Jamie Noble was still around he was rarely even seen on a weekly basis, and others aren't even being given air time anymore. The Cruiserweight Division used to be so good and exciting and it gave light weight wrestlers a chance to be in matches that they could preform really well in. There are a number of cruiserweights out there that we all know will never get the chance to hold any kind of title, so it would be great if the WWE brought the Cruiserweight title back and gave them something they actually have a chance of winning.


    1. Fallen Diablo

    2. Fabian Phenom

    3. --------

    4. Psycho Dude and Undisputed Jericho

    5. Dana

    6. Stewie

    7. The Living Legacy


    Well here I am again tonight, in another number one contenders match. I know I wasn't able to pull out a victory at Holiday Havoc this past Sunday, but you know what, it doesn't really matter. My Ladder match against Amie is in the past now and nothing that I say is going to change what happened. But, what I do tonight will determine whether or not I get another chance to face Amie again for the Knockouts Championship in the near future. My two opponents tonight are Clarice and Ms. Lol. These two have done arguably well competing each week in the "Mid Card" matches of the Women's Division....While they have been having useless matches every week before today, I've actually been competing in matches against the Knockouts Champion. I'm more experienced and more talented than both Ms. Lol and Clarice combined, so there's no doubt in my mind that I will not be able to get the winning pinfall. After I win this Triple Threat Match tonight, I will once again be on my way back to the top of the Women's Division.

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  • URKO
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    Fabian Phenom


    TRE & CMP





    So this is the great company i've heard so much about is it....This is the company that i've heard had "talent" that can challenge someone of my level.Well if i'm not mistaken this has to be YWSE!The fan the atmosphere everything here represents something of importance.My opponet Fallen Diablo says we've been friends,allies,enemies.But that won't change a single thing tonight.No matter what happens I have and always will be better than Fallen Diablo.Now then Diablo I don't have a single problem with kicking your @$$ here tonight and hell i don't have a problem breaking a few bones...Unfortunatley i'm not here for that thing.I'm here to win my first match ever in YWSE.Then to pursue my goal...No my destiny and becomea champion here in YWSE.

    As you all saw Fallen Diablo signed contract live.I'll show you what mine was like.

    *Video appears on titatron*

    Heyman:It's nice to have you aboard UltimateRKO.

    Me:As nice as that is I really don't care what you have to say just hand me that contract...

    Heyman:May I call you URKO.


    Heyman:Well Mr.URKO you can't demand things here in YWSE you have to earn it.

    Me:I think i can demand anything i want and if you have a problem i can just "convince" you other wise.

    Heyman:Well since were here i guess i will give it to you..*Hands me the contract*Just sign there.

    *I sign the contract and get ready to leave when..*

    Heyman:You can't think that you will just walk in here and take something like it was putting your shoes on.Do you?

    Me:Paul Heyman if you don't shutup i will literally take your face and shove it in this table.

    *I walk out and slam the door*

    As you see my contract signing went off without a hitch.Ladies and Gentleman i shall beat Fallen Diablo here tonight.My destiny begins today and we shall all see my talent in that ring against my opponet Fallen Diablo.Until then i bare you fools a good bye.

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  • cmp
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    Match 1: UltimateRKO

    Match 2: Fabian Phenom

    Match 3: Edgehead

    Match 4: ----- ------ ------

    Match 5: Amie

    Match 6: Stewie Griffin

    Main Event: The Living Legacy


    “TRE, I know you might be planning some payback, or you’re angry at me for stealing the Extreme Championship, but look at it this way, that was your date, with fate. The Extreme Title is in a pair of responsible hands now, I’m a guy who will do anything to protect my destiny. I remember my debut match about a month ago or two. We may have been opponents, but a month or two later, tonight, we’re teaming up.

    Well TRE, like I said, you may have dirty things in your mind right now, but this is a tag team match, it’s 2 vs. 2, don’t just betray me and make it an unfair handicap match, 3 vs. 1.

    I watched Holiday Havoc, you must’ve been happy with your world title shot, but you lost it, so it’s just another flunk in your career. Nothing is turning out great for you. I took your title, which I more or less deserved, you were injured right after that for a month, and you finally get a world title shot, and you SCREW, IT, UP.

    TRE, today we come in and team up as partners, but we leave with our eyes wide open for each other, who know what will happen in the future...”

    Sorry my promo is shorter than usual, I was in a hurry, and the writer probably started writing my match.

    WQ: Yes.

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  • RKO

    silent bob






    PROMO: so now the brooklyn warrior is headed to smackdown well it's not like i'm missing anything here i mean i haven't done much since my return so this is a refreshing start, so let's see here...

    YWSE X Division champion: Beerad

    Beerad and I have crossed paths before back in HWE infact i'm the reason he is here so it's almost ironic if i beat him for the X division title.

    YWSE intercontinental title: WBHF

    now i'm not to fimiliar with hardy's fan but if his name says anthing about how he is champion then this will be a peice of sweet, sweet cake i mean excatly how smart can he be?

    YWSE Champion: Davis Champion- oh wait not just yet so who is it? oh The Dragon wow surprising

    so let me get this straight... i leave with some little leafer as a crappy champion and return with some old lizard as champion? seriously what is wrong with this company? here i am a former champion of many belts and talents of many, many sorts, but you decide to have some wannabe important 40 old loser as your champion? what the HELL! so you know what this nice guy i've been playing this nice, patient, actually gives a **** type person that we all know i'm not so let's get one HUGE thing clear THE REAL GOLD STANDARD OF YWSE HAS ARRIVED AND IS READY TO F'IN DESTROY!!! oh and Dragon if you just try to keep up with my awesomness then your going to realized who should truely be champion!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Should WWE bring back the Cruiserweight Title?

    Well they really don't have a Cruiserweight Division or Lightweight Division in

    the WWE. And honestly the best damn Light Heavyweight champion they had

    ever was Jerry Lynn who won the title against Crash Holly in his debut match

    on Sunday night heat. R.I.P. Crash Holly. They would need to bring some new

    talent in from TNA or ROH who are cruiserweights because there are only a

    few of those wrestlers currently in the WWE. I could see Evan Bourne being a

    Cruiserweight Champion in the future just like Rey Mysterio was. And maybe

    that title could be contested on ECW or how about the ECW T.V. Title.?

    Source(s): theory
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  • Annnouncer:Ladies and gentlemen please welcome:Fallen Diablo!!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Dear YWSE fans,you may ask yourselves what a man that is known for defeating every opponent is doing here.Well you may like to know that Fallen Diablo has come to the YWSE!I am not afraid to beat the hell out of anyone that wants to get me started.For many years I was saw as a performer,an entertainer but I'm not that man anymore.I am a man of his words and I will do anything I can to touch gold.You will see myself on a cold streak and that,that ladies and gentlemen will make you swallow your shameful words.

    Tonight,my opponent is a man named UltimateRKO.Me and him have a little of history in the past.We were friends,we were allies,we were enemies,doesn't matter.Point is that tonight me and him are opponents.YWSE fans,I said I really want gold here but another thing I do when I enter the ring is pull off a good work.It's not for the fans,not for my family but it's for my oppponents,just for them to see how good I am.You have pure gold in your face.Take a good look because it's the best you'll see in a while.But now,I really would like to be a YWSE official,so let's invite iMPACT General Manager,Paul Heyman here so I'll get my contract

    *Paul Heyman walks to the ring and heads FD the contract*

    Hmmm,yeah it's ok,money is ok yeah I'll do it *FD signs contract*

    Heyman*whispers*:Welcome to YWSE *Heyman and FD shake hands*

    Ladies and gentlemen,dear boys and girls,here you have it,YWSE has got someone new,someone better than all the roster it has right now and that someone is none other that myself.Yes that is right,I talked about joining YWSE but I just made it official and just you saw it with your two damn eyes.Now,ladies and gentlemen,let's let the darkness arive

    *Lights go out and when they turn on again FD isn't in the ring*

    Commentator:Well dear fans that was Fallen Diablo,YWSE's new talent,he sure has a twisted mind but let's see him in the ring before we make an impression about him

    *An evil laugh is heard in the back followed by "Why so Serious?""



    2.Fabian Phenom


    4.TRE and CMP




    WQ:Well it could be an advantage bringing it back.We could see talent like Jimmy Wang Yang,Hurricane or Finlay getting title shots but it seems that in the past WWE was concerned for their Light Heavyweights to go for a more important title(CM Punk,Jeff Hardy for the WHC) but the cruiserweight title back could give other superstars more time on TV

    Source(s): Why so Serious?
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  • 1 decade ago



    Tough one, Ms Lol ;)

    Tre and CMP





    Promo tomorrow.

    At Holiday Havoc I successfully retained my title upon a ladder against Edgehead. My words became true and I held my title high in all it's glory.

    My celebrations were cut short by Dana. Dana is another knockout who is the past. The light has gone from Dana and Edgehead alike, and it's now placed firmly over my head. I am in the spotlight now and I am the best KO of today. I deserved to retain because I was better. I am better than all of you people put together, thats why im a champion and why you people are not. Dana made a mistake by ruining my celebration and causing harm to the champion. She threw me off the ladder and could have seriously injured me. So I will give her what I think tonight at Impact. I will bust her up just like I did Edgehead and once again prove why I hold the gold. Dana is messing wth the wrong girl.

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