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Remedy for poor AM car radio reception?

I have a 2001 Ford Mondeo, and the AM (Medium Wave) radio reception can be very bad. Usually it is ok at the start of a journey, but then as time goes on, there is increasing amounts of a harsh noise (like 'static'), which eventually overwhelms the signal and makes it unlistenable. The FM reception is usually always ok.

I can't relate the interference to anything else in particular, such as weather or obstructions, and I'm not sure these should matter much.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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    If you listen to AM radio you are so to speak in the 'dark ages' as far as radio technology is concerned. Due to the relatively low frequency of the transmission it is susceptible to a whole load of interference from electrical sources, loss of signal when going under bridges etc. This limits the signal to a relatively short range.( 20 miles in some cases) . I usually listen to Kerrang on FM until I am away from the Midlands & then tune into one of the 4 frequencies occupied by Absolute Radio on AM. & on a trip down to Southampton that means flicking between 3 pre-sets to get the 'best' signal. Possibly you could have a bad earth on the aerial mount which is causing the problem, but with the relative age of your car this may not be causing the problem

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    Seeing as AM isn't more advantageous by applying an antenna, there is possibly something internally with the radio that impacts the reception of your AM radio. maximum radio's synthetic immediately have not got an outstanding AM tuner. lots of the technologies is going into convalescing FM reception as AM isn't used as broadly. If the radio is an oem one, verify all your connections, extraordinarily your floor connections. whether this is a production unit unit, try putting an oem unit in (just to attempt) and spot if the AM reception improves. They do have AM boosters you need to purchase and set up including your radio, inspite of the undeniable fact that I easily have in no way used one and can't say for particular whether or not they paintings or not.

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    Get an iPod and an iTrip, then you should be able to listen to your AM stations through the digital equivalent - I have this totally for the football of 5 Live; as the FM coverage is totally dependant on where you are in the country as to what you can listen to.... But you can listen to the 5 Live Digital broadcast and its as good as if not better than FM! So you can listen to Chelsea Arsenal in Penzance or Paraguay if you want to!

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