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Is it true Men have a bigger brain than woman?

I personally believe it can be scientifically proven that men have bigger brain than women, because all the great technologies were invented by men, not women.

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    Yes is true and use better than woman

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    The male brain is a bit larger by volume and mass (~1450ccs in males versus ~1350ccs in females, ~1300g in males versus ~1150g in females). I could provide you with a laundry list of sources, but this information is readily available and well agreed upon and can be confirmed with a quick Googling.

    This doesn't appear to have a major impact on intelligence, however. IQ statistics will give men a slight advantage or none at all, but even sources that credit men with higher IQs put the differences in average below 5 IQ points (for perspective, consider that the standard deviation among men is over 15 IQ points). It does seem to be true that women's intelligence varies less than men's (extreme examples on the high side and the low side of the intelligence spectrum are much rarer among women than men), but the difference in average is very small, if existent at all.

    As for the assumption that "all the great technologies were invented by men," I have to just assume that you've somehow overlooked the last two centuries, and particularly the last five decades (as it turns out, people are much more able to invent things when they're allowed to be educated, or when it's not assumed that their spouse should really be credited for anything they produce).

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    Yes, many scientific studies have shown that Men have higher cranial capacities than women, and in some instances, even higher Intelligence Quotients.

    What is matter of contention is whether "cranial capacity" is a direct influence on one's intelligence (assuming that IQ is the best indicator of intelligence, of which brings about its own arguments, but that is a different matter). Some sources respond to the scientific studies by stating that although Men have higher cranial capacities, size for size, women in fact have higher cranial capacities. They say that Men having higher cranial capacities is a simple corollary of the fact that Men are bigger than Women.

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    Yes, men are also usually taller than women, and have bigger hands and feet. It's sexual dimorphism.

    A bigger brain doesn't mean higher intelligence. An elephant has a very large brain but elephants are not smarter than humans.

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    It is not the size, although different body sizes go with different brain sizes

    It is the wiring, the internal structure which is slightly different

    Men an women have different biological roles and tasks so by evolutionary theory their brains are adapted sightly differently

    the hormones that effect the reproductive organs also affect the brain development

    there is still a lot to learn about the brain

    Source(s): current knowledge
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    We do, but size does not correlate with intelligence; the distribution of grey matter is more relevant to intelligence. Men and women are anatomically different in the brain and follow different developmental pathways, but in the end we're pretty much equal.

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    The male brain, on the average is slightly larger than the female brain, but sixe is no indication of prowess.

    einstein's brains was just a smudge over three pounds.

    Two people had their brains weighed and they top the charts at 5.75 pounds

    Lord Byron

    Janis Joplin

    Draw your own conclusions

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    Yeah, it's true, but when you correct for brain to body mass ratio, otherwise known as Encephalization Quotient, the difference in brain size disappears.

    Whales have larger brains than humans, does that make them smarter?

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    Haven't you noticed - men are bigger than woman, all over. Not just the brain. Their hearts are bigger, their bones are bigger, etc etc.

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    I've only been in this section for five minutes and already I have seen 'is men stronger then woman' and 'why cant women be as good as men?"

    I'm leaving.

    oh, and your forgetting that some of THE GREATEST inventions were invented by woman, and are more important then tech.

    *prepares for thumbs down*

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    men have bigger heads Ergo more space for brain matter it don't mean its getting utilised though

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