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What did Michael Jackson think of when he grabbed his crotch?

is he thinking of macauley culkin? Cause he sure wasn't getting it on with any ladies.

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    *Deep heavy sigh* No, he was not thinking of little children while grabbing his crotch.

    In an interview with oprah he said that he doesn't intentionally grab his crotch, it's the music compelling him to do so.

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    @ :08 sec

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    In his 1993 Oprah interview, he mentioned the reason. He grabs his crotch because of the music. He admits that its not a good place (aww!)...but he says he is "A slave to music" which every musician/dancing genius should be...and whatever the beat/ tempo of the music is, his dancing steps follow. He really is a great guy, and grabbing his crotch doesn't lessen the fact that he is! Michael is awesome! Hope this Helps =) BTW...I think its one of his sexiest moves. As you can see above me, lots of girls love seeing him do that. It really does turn me on!

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    WHAT! actually he does it because the music beat and base compells him to do it... Macauley Culkin -.- .... I dont think so.... WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT! I Think he was hot when he does that... for a man to be soo shy all the time.. to do that on stage.... AH!!!!! too hot!!!!! maybe when u say ladies u mean you!

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    Chill with the jokes. Show some respect to him josh always making jokes. He said himself on the Oprah Winfrey interview he is in the minute and he just grabs it. period You can look it up on u tube

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    1 decade ago

    You got it all wrong, he was getting it on with me. So therefore,

    he thought of me when he grabbed his crotch. Everytime! =) Haha...

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    he was saying he ain't no crotch potato

  • Lisa Marie Presley would beg to differ if the stories are true.

    And I believe they are.

    I am jealous of Lisa Marie Presley.

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    No, he was feeling the beat of the music. He did what he felt. A lot of his songs were 'sexy'/'sensual' sounding, so he did 'sexy'/'sensual' moves that went with it.

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    No, he was thinking of me and what we were doing the night before...

    edit @ Sexiest Avatar... I think we need to have story time... what have you heard?? I've come across a story or two but nothing too fun.

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    I don't know, some signers does that to get attention or just for the fun of it.

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