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Dogs section: what's your opinion on this?

I was just browsing on the world's worst dog breed information site ever - - when I found out the shocking numbers of designer foo-foo mixes. I wonder how many dogs are being bred irresponsible at this very minute - probabilly thousands - just to *create* a new breed.

Then I went along ANOTHER ridiculous mutt - an "Ausky" - and I read something that made me feel like throwing up on my keyboard. Here's what some proud owners had to say about their "breed" of choice:

"Wow, I never even knew there was such a thing as an Ausky. It was a little weird when our dog Gerogia - Our AKC registered Siberian Husky female got pregnant by Toby - Our AKC registered Australian Cattle Dog male. But there was nothing we could do. But when the puppy's were born we thought "Well at least the puppy's are cute". When we got rid of all them we ended up keeping one of the males. He is so cute."

Dear god! This is terrible. What do YOU think? It just made me so mad.

Legit: Can you name a famous person that owns your dog breed? As for me, the most famous Bloodhound owner has to be... Mickey Mouse - Pluto was a Bloodhound! And Basset Hound, I can only think of the most famous Basset Hound itself: Droopy! -



Mephis, it's OK, I have all night! :-)

Update 2:

Nothing wrong with a mutt, lily. What worries me is how people are stupid enough to fall for a cross with a foo-foo name, because of the looks, and pay a screaming quanty for it - while they could adopt a free dog with the exact same level of pedigree at a shelter.

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    It just keeps getting worse & worse doesn't it? I nearly died when I stumbled acrossed "Shugs".

    A lovely little name given to (cringe) German Shepherd Pug mixes.

    Anyone with half a brain can keep 2 dogs from breeding. I don't think there is an excuse for an accidental litter & that quote is ridiculous. "at least the puppy's are cute" Of course they are, it's a freakin' *puppy*. Ugh. Something makes me wonder if they didn't call them "Auskys" when advertising their ooppsie litter & selling them for $11000 a piece. Hm....

    Legit: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had a German Shepherd. She's the only one who comes to mind off hand.

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    I hate it when people are trying to make these dogs up, they do not realise they are ruining the original dog breed traits, a good example is German Shepherd Max Von Stephaniz wanted a elite herding dog

    so he did this carefully, hence the German Shepherd it had a desire to work and had no health problems. However it became so popular and eventually they were not the best herding dogs anymore due to the Border Collies, they were then realised for Protection and were used in World War 2.

    Now so many people have done arrogant breeding most German Shepherds are lazy and have sloped backs with genetic health problems. Very few dogs were saved they are still the Working Line German Shepherds which are used as protection, military and police dogs but slowly they are becoming replaced by the Belgian Malinois and a famous German Shepherd is Rin Tin Tin.

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    I still enjoy dogbreedinfo for information on purebred dogs, but that who "designer breed" section still gets to me. They are NOT breeds, how is there any info on them? Those dogs are highly unpredictable, no stable temperments, no known specified health problems, grooming requirements are just guesses, why have it?

    And "at least they're cute" made me gag. Almost every single dog I encounter is "cute" in my book, doesn't give them the right to be bred. If they cannot keep their dogs from breeding (which honestly is easy to do if you know what you're doing) then their dogs shouldn't be unaltered. Period. I highly doubt those dogs are breeding quality anyways. *Sigh* For heaven's sakes my Dane is AKC registered, but she's being spayed next week because she is NOT BREEDING QUALITY. It doesn't matter if she's "cute", registered, could make me good money, it's the fact that she has no titles, doesn't have an astounding pedigree, and simply is pet quality.

    Blehh. These mixes need to stop. They are going to ruin the purebreds I love so much, dogs won't have purpose anymore, it'll be all for looks. And I know someone who owns a "Goldendoodle" and everyone on their block bought one too. It makes me sick to know they all plan on breeding them.


    Well, Shaggy owned Scooby Doo who was a Great Dane! Also Brad Anderson, who made the "Marmaduke" comic strip. Willaim Shatner, Wilt Chamberlain, and Mike Douglas as well. I even think Bruce Lee had a Dane! Franklin D. Roosevelt had one, too. It's name was President ;)

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    It's upsetting but not surprising. There are just so many irresponsible owners out long as the pup is "cute" and has a cute foo-foo name to go with it, it's automatically a breed on It's sad so many people are so poorly informed.

    When an owner at the dog park said their dog was a "purebred Goldendoodle" I responded with, "Oh, really? My dog is a purebred PitHuskyperd" (APBT/GSD/Husky mix). The look on their face was priceless.

    Legit: Jon Stewart owns 2 APBT mixes and Rachel Ray also has one.

    Edit: Re: BLOODHOUNDS ALL THE WAY: Thanks! That is him in my avatar. It was certainly hard to find such a rare breed lol. I had to go to the most exclusive facility in all of NYC: the municipal kill shelter. I had to pull him from the euthanasia list to get a dog of his caliber. They let me have him for $50 (UTD on all shots and heartworm tested) since they didn't know just how rare a breed he is! (*snort*)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is Terrible.People just don't get it OR they do get it and just don't care.

    "well at least the puppy's are cute" I guess everything goes out the window when a cute puppy is born?They cant see how their actions contribute to over population.They think here and now,they aren't thinking about that puppy 5 years later.

    I just figure you have responsible people and irresponsible people in all aspects of life.These "breeders"don't take into account that bringing life in the world is a responsibility,even if it is just a puppy.Qualifications are a non issue with these types of people...its sad.


    Audrey Hepburn owned a Yorkie named Mr.famous

    Nixon also had a yorkie

    I cant think of very many Toy Poodles...seems like there are more famous owners of standards and mini poodles.Foo-Foo was a toy poodle.Foo Foo is Miss Piggy's pet on The Muppet Show ha

    Source(s): Owner of 2 yorkshire terriers and toy poodle
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    Well... if you read my user name or my profile, you'll know EXACTLY what I think of the fad of designer dogs, LOL

    I think it stinks. People need to leave the breeding to those who have a clue what they're doing.

    Someone famous that owns my breed? Don't know if he still does, but Tom Selleck used to have Gordons. And Darren Hayes, who was the lead singer of Savage Garden, has a Gordon, too. Christina Agulara has 2 Papillons named Stinky and Chewie.


    Oh Lily... Lily, Lily, Lily... You used yo oh-so-proudly call your dog a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle... you always switched back and forth randomly. You claim to have gotten your sweet little MUTT from a reputable breeder, which clearly you DIDN'T, since no REPUTABLE breeder breeds MUTTS.

    We who love purebreds don't slam the DOGS... we slam the ignorant, irresponsible breeders that breed them and the gullible people that pay hundreds of dollars for a MUTT when they could have saved a life AND saved themselve some money by going to a shelter and gotten a MUTT.

    It's the people that own these designer dogs that seem to always want to slam purebreds with their untruths about poor dispositions, health problems, etc etc.

    Do a little research dear. learn to take what you hear with a grain of salt. You have NEVER heard me say a dog was bad or useless, be it mutt, purebred or designer dog. If someone loved that dog, there is good in it.

    It's the lousy backyard greeders I wish would drop off the face of the earth.

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  • rachel
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    1 decade ago

    I was on the site just a few weeks ago! It's horrible!

    Although it does have some reliable information about breeds-REAL breeds.

    They have the weirdest mixes...all I could say was just.."why?" Why do we need an Ausky in the world?



    I have a poodle mix, and there were a lot of poodles in the white house...I think?

    I just searched it and apparently Pablo Picasso was a poodle person. Interesting. Haha..

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  • LJG
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    1 decade ago

    I find this designer dog thins very disturbing.

    Mind you, to me, I just tell people the truth: designer mixes are just MUTTS!

    Husky/ cattle cross would be a beautiful dog... but not anything worth paying hundreds of dollars for. A happy, health, sturdy mutt. Period.

    Breeding needs to stop, it's selfish of the people. Never buy while homeless dogs die!

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    That's terrible! It is just telling people that it's OK to be irresponsible and breed more mutts!

    As for celebs who own my breeds,I know that a lot of famous people have GSDs and Chihuahuas. Mickey Rourke has Chis, as do Paris,Brittany,etc.Craig Ferguson has a GSD and I think Bruce Springsteen has them as well. I have a mutt,too,and tons of celebs have them.

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    Yes it is horrible! That site has a lot of okay info and a lot of faults info.

    For american pit bull terriers they have weight limit 35-100 pounds or something like that. No true american pit bull terrier weights that much! 35-65 pounds not 100 pounds! Its due to BYBs ignorance!

    That site also has a lot of non-existing breed like the doodles or irish staffs etc.


    American pit bull terrier - President Theodore Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson

    Bull Terrier - Bruce Springsteen

    Source(s): Owner of bully breeds
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