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Did the Penguins win last night?

No. No they did not. They lost 2-6. So my question is, what is the biggest goal differential by your team and what is the biggest come back by your team?

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Wing nut, why you packing?

Update 2:

I see all the thumbs down, john must've read my question.

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    I wore one of my Penguins jerseys today, and got called several variations of the word '*****' about 10 times at Home Depot! lol....except one creepy old guy there just said "Hmmmmmmm, Penguins. I like your style." I just laughed awkwardly and walked away.

    Any who! The Canucks beat the Avalanche 8-2 last week, let's see what kind of damage they can do tonight!

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    The Wings beat the Blue Jackets 9-1 (or was it 2?) last week or so. In the beginning of the season they were out West and playing Edmonton and I turned it off when they went down 5-1 (I had to get up for work the next day) and then I found out they tied it up and went into overtime. They lost (I think it was a shootout) but it was still cool. There was aso that 5-zip loss to the Leafs.

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    In recent memory it was 10-2 against the rangers... biggest comback was 4 goals in the 3rd period agianst the sharks last year..

    BQ* sense MY morning doesnt start untill like 11:00 am I start it with a whey shake and a spicy V8 then on my way to work i usually grab a NOS or a no fear energy drink... today is the first day i have tried a 5 hour energy.. they are pretty awesome just not anything like a energy drink...

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    in the last few years the leafs have lost 8-0. the only come back i can think of is 3 goals i think some time last year

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    Oh crap Casey, I'll have to look it up and get back to ya.

    BQ* coffee, getting ready to start 2nd pot and start packing

    Casey - going to South Bend for the ND football game. Last home game of the season.

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