Why is there a growing sense that the U.S. is hemorrhaging by our friends and enemies abroad?

(According to this article):

On his recent trip to Asia, President Obama found China, Japan and South Korea - like many nations these days - in no mood to hear more American lectures.

Beijing is worried about owning so much American debt. Tokyo is tiring of an American military base in Okinawa, and wants to redefine its relationship with us. Seoul is starting to doubt American commitment to keep it safe from North Korea.

In Afghanistan, we can't decide whether to seek victory or admit defeat -- or simply vote present by keeping the status quo. President Obama reached out to enemies like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. But so far they remain unimpressed, despite his apologizing for an assortment of supposed past American sins.

The Chinese don't listen all that much anymore to our sermons on their human-rights, coal-burning and free-trade abuses - not when they hold $1.5 trillion in U.S. assets.

France, of all nations, is now warning us to get a backbone with the Iranians.


Why all the sudden pushback to our charismatic president?


Reminder: I'm not a Bushbot.

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    Charisma is very nice for winning votes in South chicago but when you get in a room full of Charismatic people who are all well versed in the tricks then your charisma falls on deaf ears. They are looking for real substance and payback. In the past, the US has achieved its foreign policy goals through carrot and stick, ie monetary payments or threat of force. Obama has not money to give away and has made clear his unwillingness to use force. He is standing in a room full of powerful people with nothing in hand but his dicc and its just not impressing any of them.

    While no previous administration in the last 3 decades has helped this situation, it is Obama who holds the office today and who must at least steer the ship toward the right course. With the US financial picture so bleak there is no confidence that the nation can meet the promisses being made and thus no willingness to make favorable concessions based on those promisses.

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    Remember that only Congress controls the money, not the Executive and over the last three years we have had a Democrat Congress and just look what they have done now that they have both houses AND the Executive..But I digress....

    Obama is governing the US to make the world happy, not to help our nation. He was raised to believe that American Exceptional ism was a fault, not a virtue and he has set about to bring us down to size...Remember that his 20 year mentor, his pastor, the one who married him and Michelle and baptized his children preached God Damn America, not God Bless America but God Damn America. Now do you really believe he never heard one of those sermons in 20 years.....

    Look at his associates...look at his writings........Adolph Hitler told the world exactly what he believed in his book Mein Kampf and in Obama's "look at me books" he told America what a leftist radical he was but no body listened, they just masturbated their way to the polls and voted for him.

    I always figured that if Europe did not like what we were doing, then we must have been doing the right thing

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    Can abstinence only and creationism education save us from a bleak future?

    Our main products are war and dollars, neither seem to be in high demand right now. Our leadership is obsolete too.

    We lead in all the wrong things, we are one of the biggest poluters, we lag behind in alt energy innovation, we have the highest infant mortality rate of industrialized nations, our health care is one of the worst among these nations too.Education among the worse.

    In November 2008, the National Intelligence Council (NIC), an affiliate of the Central Intelligence Agency, issued the latest in a series of futuristic publications intended to guide the incoming Obama administration. Peering into its analytic crystal ball in a report entitled Global Trends 2025, it predicted that America's global preeminence would gradually disappear over the next 15 years .

    That, of course, was then; this -- some 11 months into the future -- is now and how things have changed.

    Many of the broad, down-the-road predictions made in Global Trends 2025 have, in fact, already come to pass. Brazil, Russia, India, and China are already playing far more assertive roles in global economic affairs.

    Six Signs That the American Empire Is Coming to an Early End

    1. At the global economic summit in Pittsburgh on September 24th and 25th, the leaders of the major industrial powers, the G-7 (G-8 if you include Russia) agreed to turn over responsibility for oversight of the world economy to a larger, more inclusive Group of 20 (G-20), adding in China, India, Brazil, Turkey, and other developing nations.

    2. According to news reports, America's economic rivals are conducting secret (and not-so-secret) meetings to explore a diminished role for the U.S. dollar in international trade.China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and the Persian Gulf oil countries -- are considering the use of the Euro, or a "basket" of currencies, as a new medium of exchange.

    3. On the diplomatic front, Washington has been rebuffed by both Russia and China in its drive to line up support for increased international pressure on Iran to cease its nuclear enrichment program.

    4. Exactly the same inference can be drawn from a high-level meeting in Beijing on October 15th between Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Iran's first vice president, Mohammed Reza Rahimi. "The Sino-Iran relationship has witnessed rapid development as the two countries' leaders have had frequent exchanges, and cooperation in trade and energy has widened and deepened," Wen said at the Great Hall of the People.

    5. From Washington's point of view, efforts to secure international support for the allied war effort in Afghanistan have also met with a strikingly disappointing response. In what can only be considered a trivial and begrudging vote of support for the U.S.-led war effort, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced on October 14th that Britain would add more troops to the British contingent in that country -- but only 500 more.

    6. Finally, in a move of striking symbolic significance, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) passed over Chicago (as well as Madrid and Tokyo) to pick Rio de Janeiro to be the host of the 2016 summer Olympics, the first time a South American nation was selected for the honor. Until the Olympic vote took place, Chicago was considered a strong contender.


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    our great and fearless TOTUS ,his banking and dem finance fellas helped make the rules leading to

    billion of bad loans that came due,,,,TOTUS bows kow tows to allies and adversaries alike

    is running up more debt,attempting to pass the most expensive healthcare bill in history,

    and uses TOTUS ,the media foghorns to bleat out insults to the family of anyone who objects.

    "a decent and just nation,,,,,' as admiral yamamoto described the U.S,(wiki those remarks)

    is sliding down into the trenches,,,and ALL,,,,THE GNIKCUF hollering about sara palin.

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    I wouldn't worry very much, that article is extremely opinionated and seems to represent the author's viewpoint more so than any factual information.

    I have quite a bit of involvement in foreign relations and while it's true the world is nervous of the mess Bush left us in- they are hopeful and feeling more confident than they have in years.

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    A gentle reminder for you, dear:


    NOW you want to whine about it??

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    they can smell obama's menstruation

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