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Tattoos on 16 year olds?

Hey, does anybody know any tattooists in the UK where they will do tattoos on 16 year olds? My mum and dad said they will give me their parental consent but i cant find anywhere that will do it. Preferably some where that's nearish to Luton!

Thanks (:


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    It is an offence to tattoo a person under the age of eighteen except when the tattoo is performed for medical reasons by a duly qualified medical practitioner or by a person working under his/her direction. You cannot obtain a tattoo under the age of 18 - not even with your parents permission!

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    There really is no way to convince them- you're 16 years old and live under their roof. I'm 17, I know it sucks. Most tattoo parlors won't even let a 16 year old walk into the shop. Any GOOD place won't tattoo you. And who knows, you might hate the idea when you're 18+. So, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but take it from another teenage girl who's dying for some body mods herself- just wait it out. That's the best you can do really, unless you wanna get a job, move out and support yourself. But legally you can't do that . PS- I think shoulder blade is best.. Hip skin might sag with age therefore making the tattoo gross looking.

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    There will be somewhere. There are 6 tattooists in my town, and 2 do tattoos on 16 year olds with parental consent. One even tattooed a 15 y/o with parental consent because of circumstances (He's going blind)

    Only problem with places that do this is, their work seems to be poor. Just a warning. I would wait another couple of years, and get one done properly by someone that only tattoos over 18's.


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    dont get a tattoo underage.

    the are limit is there for a reason!

    no good, decent artists would tattoo someone under 18, parental consent or not....

    its illegal to do so

    if u do find someone to do it, they will more than likely be a dodgy artist or ot clean and sanitary, you will end up with bad infection, a messed up tattoo, if something goes wrong they may not be willing to help you.

    plus, if grow (get taller, bigger etc) and the tattoo is on an area that will be stretched, you will have a "lovely" looking warped splodge for the rest of your life, just cos u were impatient.

    its not worth the risk

    take the time to really think about what you want done and then wait a good 3 or 4 months looking at the pic everyday as often as possible, if you are not sick of it by then, fair enough, but remember its permanant!

    then when ur 18, end time going round the area talking to artists, find one you are comfortable with, not the 1st 1 that u see! i know the area very well and there are quite a few artists in luton alone.

    so look around!

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    I don't live in the UK but I think it's just the same in the USA. You can get a tattoo only if you have parental consent. You parent has to be there with you when you get the tattoo. The dude that said that you couldn't get it is wrong. I got mine when I was 16. And I'm 18 now and I still wouldn't change it for the world. But do think about it before you get it. I got a tattoo in memorial of my mom, so I wouldn't change so but for someone else think about it for a long time before you get it. Good luck!:]

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    chances are the the not so good tattoo artists will do it for you at that age. any reputable tattoo artist would won't do it for you. so wait. do you want a crappy tattoo now, or a great tattoo at 18? it's only 2 years to go.

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    My advice is to wait for a couple of years. It seems a long time. Then see if you still want tattoo's. Get a well known one who know what he is doing.

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    there are no good tattooists that will tattoo 16 year olds because it is completely illegal . there is no such thing as parental consent because your parents dont make the law . also the tattoo you chose as a 16 year old you will almost certainly regret . wait 2 years and actually get a good tattooist to tattoo you .

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