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What do you think of my post Week 10 personal NFL Power Rankings?

1.Indianapolis Colts- so show the heart and determinition facing adversity to beat a New England Patriots team after trailing by 17 in the 4th Quarter was incredible. Still undefeated and my opinion playing the best football in the league

2.New Orleans Saints- rather unimpressive performance against the lowly Rams winning by a small 5 point margin but they're still undefeated.

3.Minnesota Vikings- only lost 1 game and it was a tough one on the road at Pittsburgh. Playing better than any team that has a loss this season.

4.Cincinnati Bengals- they have no swept two tough division rivals in the Steelers and Ravens. The Browns have ousted solid competition and one of their losses was by way of a miracle. The Bengals are for real.

5.Pittsburgh Steelers- 2 of their 3 losses have come to the Bengals. This is still a great football team and are the only team to knock off the Vikings this year. Not as good as last years Super Bowl winning team but still a great football team.

6.Denver Broncos- have sputtered lately losing 3 in a row but I put them over the Patriots in these ranking by virtue of the "head-to-head" result. The Redskins game may have been a different story if Kyle Orton didn't leave with an injury, but this defense hasn't looked the same lately.

7.New England Patriots- really tough loss on Sunday Night but they are an elite football that is really tough to beat as they showed. Not as good as in the past but their offense is great although defense can be shaky at times

8.San Diego Chargers-after a 2-3 start they are red-hot on a 4 game winning streak just defeating two NFC East powerhouses in the Giants on the road,and Eagles at home in dominating fashion for most of the game. Another year in which they overcame a big lead to tie the division up with the Broncos. HUGE showdown this Sunday

9.Dallas Cowboys- lost at Lambeau again but they are still at the Top of the NFC East with still competition there. There definately is talent on the team that would make them one of the NFL's 10 best

10.Arizona Cardinals-solid football team surprisingly really good on defense this season. Sitting at 6-3 in a good spot to go back to the playoffs leading their division. Cards offense is not one to be messed with and I think they're showing the Super Bowl appearance wasn't a fluke

What do you think of my post Week 10 personal NFL Power Rankings?


you may tell me what you think and what you agree or disagree with.

Just respect my opinion though

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    1. Indianapolis Colts -- Incredible win with a little help from Belicek; but none the less, they remain unbeaten and the offense and defense are playing solid.

    2. New Orleans Saints -- Though they have looked increasingly sloppy in recent weeks, and lost two key players in their secondary, the Saints continue to roll on. A big matchup with the Patriots looms in the next few weeks.

    3. Minnesota Vikings -- To me, it's very possible this team is the top team in the NFC; as their only loss as you pointed out was a tough one on the road to the Steelers. Other then that, they've had few problems on both sides of the ball.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals -- Getting it done on both sides of the ball; this is the most improved defense in the NFL, as they've quietly held opponents week after week even with the loss of Antwaun Odom. Palmer is definitely back.

    5. New England Patriots -- Quite a bad loss in a game which they should have/could have easily won on the road. Shades of the 2006 AFC Championship. They should bounce back, as Brady/Moss are lighting everything in sight up again.

    6. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Well, we know the Steelers will be looking for some revenge if they get the Bengals in the playoffs; thats for sure. I don't many glaring problems with this team though. They look good on both offense and defense; and basically just lost a hard fought game to a divisional rival.

    7. San Diego Chargers -- I think with Denver's recent issues; and the Chargers recent successes, they've regained the form most experts believed they had before the season began, and they should go on to take the AFC West from here.

    8. Arizona Cardinals -- Queitly doing their job in a pitiful division; though Sunday's game was rather close at times. We know what they can do on offense obviously; it's up to their defense which is actually one of the best run stopping defenses in the league (though Justin Forsett didn't think so) most of the time. They've got the NFC West now.

    9. Denver Broncos -- Have hit a rough patch in the season, as many teams do. Unfortunately though the defense which does have some age issues now looks worn out; and the run game doesn't look nearly as good as it once did. Orton's issue is also a major concern if he can't get healthy, it could be a downturn for this team.

    10. Dallas Cowboys -- After looking blazing hot; they go into a tough Lambeau Field and barely register a score. I still think on paper; they have the skill players to do damage though, and right now they're the top team in the NFC East. Need more consistency throughout though. They have tendancy to get hot then cold, etc.

    Others: Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston.

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    Agree with the first 2.

    I have Cincinnati at 3. Wins at Pittsburgh and At Baltimore in the same season takes talent.

    4 - Minnesota - The NFC North blows and their out of division schedule is soft.

    5 - New England

    6 - Pittsburgh

    7 - San Diego

    8 - Arizona

    9 - Baltimore

    10 - Dallas

    Why would you have Denver at 5? It's pretty obvious they were pretenders and now Orton is possibly out? No way they are in the top 10.

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    Don't know if I agree with 3 and 10. After Minnesota's loss to Arizona they're looking alittle weak.Dallas played weak games against the Packers, Red skins, and Giants. They're not playing their best football lately.

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    I would have just left out the Cardinals and Cowboys

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    i agree with ur power rankings, well almost all of it. i would place the Patriots ahead of the Broncos tho

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    Cards ,Cowboys,Broncos are not top ten teams.............

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