Anybody remember The Paul Butterfield Blues Band?

His initial recordings from the mid-'60s — featuring the legendary, racially integrated first edition of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band — were eclectic, groundbreaking offerings that fused electric blues with rock & roll, psychedelia, jazz, and even (on the classic East-West) Indian classical music. The East West album came out in 1966 and still sounds good today. The band featured Elvin Bishop and Michael Bloomfield. What a great line up.

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    Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop on the East/West album. Paul Butterfield Blues is an American Classic. Lot's of people remember them!


    Yeah, I picked that up. Dude made a mistake. The story IS true though. But it was Mike Bloomfield who saw Hendrix and almost stopped playing! I think Mike Bloomfield was one of the greatest Chicago style blues guitarists who ever lived. Tragic loss at a young age. I got to see him play several times. He was truly amazing.

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    yes great band, along with Electric Flag, which Mike Bloomfield started after leaving The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

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    The first album and "East-West" are both overlooked classics from that era, along with The Electric Flag's "A Long Time Comin'" album. Butterfield was one of the great harmonica players of all time, right up to his death in 1987.

  • To Paul Hxyz: That would be a great story, but there's one big problem with it. Paul Butterfield didn't play guitar. *facepalm*

    The answer is yes... I've always dug 'em. They're in my top 25-ish bands. But don't forget about Nick Gravenites!!!!!

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    I do. Paul Butterfield quit playing the guitar for a year after the first time he heard Jimi Hendrix. He played again and has been ever since after that.

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    I have 3 albums from that group.

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    yes,i saw them at the fillmore east with savoy brown.....

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