apple iphone 8gb help?

Hi, someone pls help, My boyfriend and me split up some 6 mths ago, he left his apple iphone around my house and hasnt asked or come back around for it since. Anyway cut a long story short, I broke my phone and this iphone is simply lying around it has a charger and a small dock it sits it, but when i try to switch it on after charging its just dont give me the option, all it has on the front is the charger showing plugged in, i cant even read up on how to work these phones as i have no manual, could it be it needs unblocking?, its a brilliant phone, I would love to know how to use it and seeing he has asked for it and infact left to go travelling for 2 yrs, he obviously dont want it..pls someone help.


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    Have you tried holding down the power button?

    Is there definately a SIM card in there?

    If there is a SIM in there, if the iPhone is still locked to O2, it will have to be an O2 SIM card. If you're not sure if it is locked, just try using an O2 SIM.

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    HE may of reported it lost and its been blocked by the operator.

    does it have HIS SIM in it as the ONLY way you may get it to work is for your SIM to be in the iphone AND it being on an approved network, Orange, O2 or from December Vodafone.

    then download itunes on your computer... www then restart. connect the iphone to the computer and it will attempt to activate it. IF the SIM id for the right network it will activate.

    however if he's reported it lost or stolen it WONT activate say its blocked and send YOUR details to apple UK so they can locate the phone (if its been reported stolen this can result in the police appearing at your door if it was a contract phone)

    The ipod is designed to work with and be the slave to itunes on the computer to which its paired.

    If you do not pair a ipod to a computer you cannot alter its settings.

    If you pair your iphone to a new computer it overwrites what's on it.

    Simply dragging music onto an iphone does NOT make that music playable To make the music playable you MUST use itunes to sync with it as only itunes can put the music files in the correct file names (not the same as on the computer) in hidden folders and create the hidden indexes for them to be playable.

    When you pair the iphone to a computer it erases ALL the previous library and tracks and replaces it with what the current computer want it to.

    if you want to erase the iphone you select RESTORE form the iphone's tab in itunes then it re formats and re installs the firmware resetting everything to default values and removing the lock (except for the touch and iphone which asks for the code to allow this)

    needing a master player to sync with is NOT unique to apple Creative, Zune, Sony al have one of one sort or another.

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