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How many Native Americans did we kill throughout history?

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    that's quite a bit of revisionist history there in one answer. the accidental spread of diseases only accounted for deaths in the first 100 years. the next 400 years showed military campaigns and legislation designed to "do away with the indian problem". these were deliberate acts of genocide including the forced sterilization of our women up until the 1980s, the removal of our children to be given to white families to raise which only stopped in 1973, the stealing of our children and placing them in residential schools where tens of thousands of them were killed and countless others sexually and physically molested. but long as some people can believe we just "dropped dead for no apparent reason" then i guess they can sleep well at night. disgusting.

    the real facts are this: there were between 50 - 100 million indigenous people in north america, pre contact. by 1890 there were only 250,000 natives in usa alone. in all of north america 95% of the native population was killed.

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    Unfortunately most of them. The cost of forming this country was a brutal action against the native American population. Many tribes were made extinct and and most of the others were heavily decimated. There is no way to calculate an exact number since written records generally never been kept by either "side". The are no words in any language to atone for this historical tragedy.

    Man in general proves he is an unfit species to cohabit this planet with natures other animals

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    You do know we spread Small Pox to the Native Americans to kill them off right? We deliberately spread disease amongst them just because they were an 'annoyance' and we Americans justify that by calling it Manifest Destiny.

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    Only 10% of first american casualties due to contact with the Old World were due to deliberate acts of violence. The rest was due to disease. This helped facilitate the rapid acceptance of Christianity among first americans (especially in South America). They figured that since so many of them were dropping dead for no apparent reason, the new God must be superior to the old Gods.

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    way to many makes me sick to think of it we are so pure just sick

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